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Tattoo Book 1.5

Posted by harmony0stars on June 1, 2008

As she reached the top of the stairs, Glory stopped again… straining for a sound, any sound at all. But nothing stirred. Still, she managed to convince herself that everything was alright until she reached the second landing and the trail of debris leading from her room. It looked as though a cyclone had gone through her belongings, leaving a trail leading from her door to the stairs. Her desk and her bookshelves were all trashed. Splintered boards and torn paper littered the floor. Lori had even ripped apart her mattress. Her closet had been completely emptied and the contents scattered. She’d never seen such complete destruction of property except in movies.

But she didn’t panic until she saw her plants broken on the floor beside the open window. Leaning out, she could see several bricks strewn over the roof.

Trembling, she drew back inside. Glory slid down the wall and perched on the edge of an overturned bookshelf, hardly feeling the broken edges of the wood. She didn’t know whether the cry, laugh, or climb out on the roof and take a long walk.

Lori had her book.

Trying not to hyperventilate or have her heart hammer its way out of her chest, she forced herself to her feet though she felt as if she might faint at any minute with the blood swimming in her ears. She had no reason to think Lori might still be in the house, but something told her she should be quiet as she crept from her room. At the end of the hall, her mother’s room was empty. Wanting nothing more than to curl up in a corner and cry, she continued to search the house one room at a time. Though her room was the only one that showed any sign of violence, Glory could not fathom where her mother might be if she was not at home.

“Mom!” She crossed the squeaky linoleum floor in an instant to kneel beside her mother’s slumped body, her stomach doing weird acrobatics in her esophagus. Her mother lay, crumpled and motionless, against the kitchen wall. Had she found Lori trashing Glory’s room and tried to interfere? No… she would have found her mother upstairs then. She must have caught Lori acting suspicious after the fact and confronted her.

Clotted blood still glistened in her hair, though little more than a few drops had fallen upon her nightshirt. Had Lori hit her with something or knocked her into the wall? Even as Glory touched her shoulder, her mother’s hand shot out to clamp like iron around her wrist. “Mommy?!” she squealed in fear and not a little pain.

With the slowness of a nightmare, her mother turned to face her. The hideous grin stretched over her face looked painful, showing too many teeth, but the symbols carved into her forehead caused Glory to sob in shame and fear. “Sorry baby-girl. Mommy doesn’t live here any more.” Glory strained against her mother’s grip, but it was unbreakable. “Aw… poor baby. But you’ve been a bad girl.” Snickering she grabbed Glory by the hair and head butted her before slamming her into the window. The glass shattered but most of it fell outward into the walkway between houses. The sill was far more painful as it dug into Glory’s lower back. “Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to think about things. Your sister said I could take my time.”

“M-mom…” Glory choked out as she was slammed into the wall.

“I Told you sweetie! Mommy’s gone bye-bye. Don’t worry though! You’ll get to see her soon enough.”

Blindly groping at the broken window, Glory latched onto a shard of broken glass. The sharp edges cut into her fingers even as she pulled it free of the frame and plunged it into her mother’s eye.

“Arrrrgghhh! You little bitch!” Suddenly freed from her mother’s iron grip, Glory fell to the floor and scuttled to the next room. “Run all you like! I’m still gonna eat your heart!“ The thing in her mother’s body called out in a syrupy voice as it tugged at the slippery edges of the glass lodged in it’s eye socket. “And maybe your brain! Come to think of it… how many of your organs do you think I can eat before you die?”

With all her strength, Glory shoved at the china closet. She did not try to cover the entire door, knowing that whatever was in her mother’s body was probably strong enough to force its way through no matter what she found to cover it. Sobbing with the effort, she pushed the cabinet as far as she could then crawled to the center of the room. She only needed time to protect herself.

Blood oozed from the cuts on her hand. It was the worst pain she’d ever felt, but she had no time to pity herself. Dipping the fingers of her uninjured hand into the blood, she began drawing a circle on the hardwood floor. In the kitchen, her mother… no the Thing, was slamming its body into the barred door. A glass in the cabinet fell over, knocking over several more as it went. The cabinet door popped open as another blow from the other side of the door shook it. One glass, then a second, fell out and shattered on the floor.

Thrusting its ravaged face through the small opening, the creature hissed, “It’s too quiet. What’s going on out there!”

“N-nothing mother.” Glory answered absentmindedly as she used her own blood to draw protective symbols within a second ring. Feeling more than a little hysterical, she giggled, adding, “Why don’t you go on up to bed? It’s g-getting late.”

“Oh, haha,” it muttered sourly, attempting to force its body through the small opening it had made. ” ‘Fraid I have to punish you first, dearest. Nice girls shouldn’t play with dark magics.”

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5 Responses to “Tattoo Book 1.5”

  1. Emily said

    Holy crap, that got really scary really fast. I can’t wait to read the next installment.

  2. harmony0stars said

    hehe… I am an evil, evil writer!

  3. Alderin said

    Very nice tale you’ve started here. Well, “nice” might not be the exact right word, but it is the right sentiment. 🙂

    I just read through the whole story thus far in one sitting, and I really only had one problem with flow, in chapter 1.2 the paragraph about her mother seemed out of place.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for deciding to share!


  4. harmony0stars said

    Thank you for the feedback! I altered the paragraph a little so that hopefully it fits in and does a better job of foreshadowing.

  5. Miladysa said


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