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Tatto Book 1.6

Posted by harmony0stars on June 8, 2008

“Well, you’ve been busy.” The thing in her mother’s body restlessly stalked around the circumference of the protective circle. No more than ten minutes could have passed since Glory first arrived home. “Why don’t you make it easy on yourself and come on out?”

Glory cried silently without looking up. She’d drawn every protective symbol she could think of in her own blood. So long as she remained within the circle, Glory knew she was safe. If the entity could have hurt her, It would have done so by now. Eventually the demon or whatever It was would be forced to leave her mother’s body and return to… where ever Lori had called it from. She just had to be patient and ignore anything the thing might say in the meantime. If it couldn’t lure her out of the circle, she knew it would try less gentle methods.

“Come on, come on. This body won’t last all night.” It tapped its foot irritably. “Thanks to you, I can’t even go out and have some fun once I’ve finished here. Kids these days!” It grunted.

Glory shuddered. That was a phrase her mother had often used in the past.

A wicked grin slowly lit Its face. “OK, fine!” It announced with a laugh. “We’ll do this the hard way. Don’t say I didn’t offer you an easy out though.” Giggling maniacally, the entity disappeared back through the kitchen door, returning a moment later with her mother’s secret stash of Everclear and a towel. Humming to Itself, It began slopping the alcohol over the walls and furniture. “A little fuel…..” with casual ease, It ripped the dishtowel into strips. ” ….some wicks. Viola! Instant BBQ. Really, this would go a lot faster if you would just come out. You’re just delaying the inevitable.”

Lighting a match, the entity set each of the strips on fire and flung them over Its shoulder one by one. “You know…” It drawled, crouching down in an almost feral position to face Glory, “Your mother never liked you. At least she understood your sister. They had a lot in common. But you were always a prissy little thing with your nose permanently lodged in a book. You’d rather read a book than pretty much anything. And that would have been OK if you’d shown any sign of using what you learned to your advantage! But you didn’t care about money and you didn’t care about your looks. What a strange bird you are! Your mother absolutely loathed you. If you hadn’t been the image of your sister, she would have thought you were switched at birth.”

Knowing that any interaction might lure her from her circle, Glory drew her knees up to her chest and hid her face, trying her best not to respond in any way to the thing in her mother’s body. Still, it was the sting of the words, not the smoke, which made the tears flow.

“You know what her biggest fear was? That you would never leave home, and she’d be stuck with you forever! You were only ever a burden to her. Do you know how many times she fantasized about you killing yourself in some kind of depressive fit?”

Glory coughed as smoke began to fill the room but refused to answer any of the thing’s jibes.

“Come on! I don’t have all night. Why don’t you come out and get this over with? I’ll make it a lot quicker than the fire.” When Glory still did not reply, It growled with frustration. “You’re too smart for your own good! I know what you’re doing. If you don’t talk to me, I can’t convince you to come out, right? But you know, I can just wait till the fire breaks your circle. If you can stand to watch the flesh melt from your mother’s body, I’m sure I don’t mind waiting for the inevitable.”

“Glory?” Though the smoke hid his approach, Aaron’s voice came through loud and clear. “Where are you? Are you okay?”

“Aaron?” Glory looked up, startled. “G-get out of here! There’s a…a.. my mother. She’s crazy! She’ll hurt you!”

“Oooo! What’s this? A boyfriend? Have you been holding out on us?” It turned to scan the smoke filled room. “Well helloooo, handsome….” The thing began before It’s gleeful expression faded. “Wait. Something’s not right ’bout you…”

“I could say the same about you,” he grunted, squeezing through the partially blocked door.

“Aaron… Go away.” Glory sobbed, but he ignored her.

Instead, he and the thing exchanged glares, as if daring each other to make a move. Aaron moved his hands together as if holding something. Then quickly stepped forward as if to take a swing. The glow that Glory had assumed must be some trick of the flickering flames suddenly leaped from his hands, unbelievably solidifying into a sword. Blue and yellow flames licked its surface much as flames licked at the walls and furniture. She lowered her face into her arms, sure now that she had gone mad… she had to be hallucinating.

“I don’t suppose…” It dodged the blade quickly, backing away, “…we can talk this over?” The entity didn’t have much room to maneuver between the fire in the room and Aaron’s sword. “I’m just doing my job here!” It growled trying to rush him, but he twisted out of the way. Hastily stopping before stepping into the fire, It might have bragged about letting the flesh drip from her mother’s bones, but It did seem to have some sense of self-preservation. Even so, the creature should have been paying more attention to Aaron. Even as It began to turn, he swung the sword again, cutting through Its side like butter. Off balance from the blow, It didn’t have time to avoid his second swing. The body collapsed as the head sailed through the air. Opening his hands, the sword dissipated like so much smoke.

“Glory?” Aaron knelt by the blood circle, but she didn’t move. He scanned the symbols smeared along its periphery. He only hesitated a moment before reaching out to touch her shoulder. “Glory, come on. We have to get out of here.”

She coughed into her arms, refusing to look at him. “Sure, I know how it works. I come out. You kill me. Everyone’s happy.”

“No. I’m here to help.” He squeezed her shoulder, then roughly pulled her to her feet. She staggered then stupidly looked down at the circle. It was unbroken. With a sigh, she leaned into him as he pulled her toward the door. The flames had almost reached the opening.

As they passed her mother’s decapitated body, it reached out and grabbed her ankle. Across the room, the head made a choked chuckled as Aaron tried to force the fingers to loosen. “Aaron, don’t. You’re not helping.” Glory gasped as the other hand flailed about before latching on to her leg. Slowly it began pulling itself up. She had no illusions about what it would do when its hands found her throat. “Get rid of the symbols on th-the head.” Aaron leaped across the room. The head hissed at him as he approached and for a minute he seemed at a loss before punting it into the roaring fire. The hands around Glory’s throat tightened for a moment before releasing her. Aaron scooped her up as he rushed through the fire and smoke to the door.

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9 Responses to “Tatto Book 1.6”

  1. Emily said

    I love how deliciously scary it is. The dialogue from the mother/thing is great. The only two parts that put me off were how quickly the sword appeared and then disappeared, although I imagine you’ll explain that later. Also, you used “it” a lot when talking about the demon thing possessing the mother. It got a little confusing to follow in one of the later paragraphs. Otherwise, the description is amazing and I will have to take notes on how you do dialogue. 🙂

  2. Alderin said

    Very well done. Still hanging on the “what the hell is going on” factor, plenty of action, no loss in momentum. Good stuff.

    The only thing that glitched in my mind was using wine for fuel for a fire. I don’t think wine typically has a high enough alcohol content to be very effective at that, but it is certainly possible that I just haven’t played with enough wine around sparks or flame. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. I wrote a flash fiction story recently on my blog. Comments would be appreciated. 🙂


  3. harmony0stars said

    Emily, I capitalized some of the “its” and tried to change up it more. Hopefully that helps.

    Alderin, I considered using oil, but I thought alcohol might be slightly more flammable. I was careful not to say cooking wine though. Some wines are probably more flammable than others.

  4. evabaruk said

    Love the story so far. The alcohol content in wine is too low to be flammable, but some 100 proof rum will get you a nice little fire.

  5. Miladysa said

    Excellent 😀

  6. Vicki Grimes said

    Wow! I am really impressed. I told my daughter about this and will send her to the link to check it out for herself. I like Aaron and Glory, I am excited to see how this plays out. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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