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Tattoo Book 5, Part 2.7

Posted by harmony0stars on January 11, 2010

Their infiltration of the laboratory was decidedly anticlimactic. The fact that it seemed to be shut down for the night would only make their job easier, but Glory had a feeling that things would not be so simple, and so far, her feelings tended to be pretty dead-on. Experience was teaching her to pay more attention to her hunches. After all, some of her tattoos were intended to enhance her intuition. Leading the way toward the observation room and the stairs which led down to the cells, she paused uncertainly.

“What’s wrong?” Ehecatl demanded in a harsh whisper.

“When I was here last time, I only saw Chusi on a monitor. I doubt they’ve labeled which cell she’s in… so I’m thinking the best way to find her would be to go in there,” she gestured at the door. “But if there’s anyone down here, I’d bet money that’s where they’d be, watching the prisoners.”

Glory gritted her teeth as Ehecatl grunted dismissively. He silently lay his hand on the knob, resting his head against the door as if listening. Though she couldn’t blame him for being reckless, she worried his concern for his daughter would give anyone in the room time to raise an alarm. She suspected as well that half his impulsiveness came from not knowing what had happened to Tanith, his wife or mate. She wasn’t sure of the proper title and wouldn’t offend him by asking.

Granted, they were still invisible, but a door opening by itself would surely be just as frightening for someone on graveyard shift guard duty three stories underground watching over a bunch of caged monsters. Glory quickly stepped up to the other side of the doorjamb and waited for him to open it.

He turned the knob and thrust the door open with one sharp push. It swung wide, loudly colliding with the corner of the bay of controls and monitors lining the walls before rebounding back at them. She just had time to catch sight of a young man with a Styrofoam cup half way to his mouth gaping at the door incredulously before it began to fall shut again.

“What the hell? Sean? Are you messing with me again?” he called out shakily, even laughing slightly. Poor kid. He was about to have a very bad night.

With a hiss of frustration, Ehecatl caught the door before the latch clicked and slammed it open again, this time keeping his hand on it all the way to its second noisy collision. The boy dropped his coffee as he tried to get to the controls, but Ehecatl leapt into the room, tossing him into the opposite wall before he could even cry out.

Glory winced at the sound his body made as he hit the wall. “Don’t hurt him!” she hissed, keeping her voice low. The fewer clues she gave as to her identity, the less likely it was that Professor Scott would connect her to the break in later. From what little interaction she’d had with the man, she suspected he was quite shrewd. In some ways, she was sure that the good professor was every bit as dangerous as Lori, if not more so. After all, he was trying to save humanity. Lori just wanted power. A person with a heartfelt mission would always be more dangerous than someone only looking out for herself.

“Why not?” Ehecatl growled as he carelessly hoisted the young man up by his shirt, twisting the collar so that the boy’s eyes bulged.

“We may need him… to find the right cell and get it open,” she replied patiently in her husky whisper.

Ehecatl snarled something, but dropped the man. He cried out as he hit the floor, clutching at one of his legs. Blood blossomed just below his knee as the broken bone was forced through the skin. Glory stepped back and quickly closed the door to keep anyone from hearing the man’s moans and then knelt beside him.

“If you help us, you won’t be harmed,” she promised.

For a moment, she thought he was crying. It only took a few seconds for her to realize that he was actually laughing. Glory scowled as she straightened, looking to the controls in disgust. Great, a fanatic. Probably most of the people Scott allowed into his secret laboratory would be steadfast to his holy mission of xenocide.

The man sat against the wall, his eyes darting around the room as he looked for his attackers. But Ehecatl and Glory remained invisible, and there was no way for him to guess where they were or if they were even watching him. He gasped in pain, his eyes rolling as Glory grabbed his leg and quickly pulled, popping the bone back into place. Before he could do much more than squeak in fright, she ripped a loop of fabric from the bottom of his shirt and tied it just below his knee. Let him think about that the next time he watch his friends torture some being just because it wasn’t human. If she hadn’t been trying to disguise her identity, she might have healed him properly, but Professor Scott had already mentioned Graymalkin park so he must know she’d healed Robert.

Climbing to her feet, Glory walked over to the monitors and tried to figure out how they worked. Aside from the computer keyboards though, there were very few buttons and none of them labeled. If she just started pressing all the buttons, she could just as easily press the alarm as find a release for the cells. Putting a hand to her forehead, she sighed. Computers really weren’t her thing. Aside from accessing the internet, she’d never thought of them as much more than expensive toys.

From the way Ehecatl stood near their prisoner, she was reasonably sure he was even less knowledgeable about computers than she was. Otherwise, he’d have been studying the panel as avidly as he had been to attack the man on the floor. The images that jumped across the screens had a strip of numbers and letters running along the top, but it was just a meaningless jumble to her.

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