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Tattoo Book 5, part 3.5

Posted by harmony0stars on February 24, 2010

With a sigh, Glory motioned for Cindy to have a seat on one of the stools next to the kitchen island. “I really wasn’t sure when to tell you this. With everything you’ve been through, I didn’t want to burden you with anything else.” She shrugged uncomfortable as the woman just stared at her uncomprehending. “Your husband… is not a well man. I only met him once a couple months ago, but he was… completely deranged. I’m sure anyone else would have thought he was just a racist, but well, we both know he’s got larger issues.“ Cindy looked as if she’d like to crawl under a rock as Glory finished. “A couple days ago, he took some shots at me.”

Cindy groaned, rubbing her temples as Glory continued apologetically. “If it’s any consolation, I don’t think he knows anything about what Scott did to you. I’m pretty sure it was your disappearance that drove him off the deep end, so to speak. Though I think Scott is taking full advantage of the situation.”

“You think Scott talked him into trying to kill you?” Cindy asked incredulously, though Glory didn’t blame her for the tiny hint of hope that crept into her voice. They might be estranged, but obviously she still loved her husband. She didn’t want him to be some kind of monster. It was much easier to lay that title on the head of the man who had imprisoned her and tortured her for almost a year with his dehumanizing experiments.

“I don’t know if Scott meant to kill me, or if he was just trying scare me into contacting him. He obviously didn’t expect me to connect him to the shooting, or he wouldn’t have been so happy to see me when I paid him a visit a couple days ago. I guess I should just be grateful that your husband’s a terrible marksman.” So much for trying to make light of the situation…. “I have friends with the police. They checked over the bullets in an unofficial capacity, so… you know, they‘re not going to be looking for him or going after Scott, unfortunately. They did have Scott‘s prints on file though. Apparently he wasn’t always the fine upstanding citizen he is today.”

“But… how do you know that my husband had anything to do with the shooting?”

“Magic,” Glory replied with a smile and almost laughed when Cindy gave her a skeptical look. One would think that a woman who could breath under water would be a bit more credulous about such claims. “And my friend confirmed one of his prints were also on some of the bullets.”

Cindy sighed and slumped, laying her head on her arms. Digging her phone back out of her pocket, Glory set it on the counter in front of her. The woman regarded it uncomprehending for a moment before excitedly snatching it up and standing. “Thanks,” she said almost as an afterthought as she looked anxiously around the room.

“Hang a left at the stairs,” Glory announced, realizing that she probably wanted her privacy. “I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable in the living room while I make you something to eat.”

Flashing her a grateful smile, Cindy flipped the phone open and began dialing even as she left the room. “Mom…Mom! It’s Hyacinth. Have you…” Glory heard as the woman passed through the hall.

Glory considered making fish but worried that the assumption that it might be comfort food would insult her guest. As she opened the fridge door, the ghoul boy wondered over to investigate. He yawned hugely as he stuck his nose under her arm to get a better whiff of whatever savories might be lurking behind the magical doorway of fresh meat. “No Edgar,” she smiled as she shooed him away, “I really think you’ve had enough for the moment. You can wait till dinner.”

He snorted, either at his new name or because more food was not forthcoming, and loped back to the table he had apparently chosen as his lair. Curling up nose to tail like a puppy, he seemed to fall asleep almost immediately. Glory envied him. Even when she’d still been in the habit of sleeping, it had never been that easy for her. Shaking her head, she took out two more steaks and put them in the microwave to defrost while setting rice and vegetables on the stove to cook. Robert would be getting out of school soon and would probably be home within the hour. He certainly wouldn’t turn his nose up at an early dinner. In the meantime, Cindy would probably need something to tide her over. Chopping up some celery and an apple, she grabbed a jar of peanut butter and took them into the living room.

Cindy was curled up on the sofa, one arm wrapped around her legs and the other over her head. She looked up as Glory came in, her cheeks wet with tears. “I hoped… Chelsea… but I was just being stupid. She couldn’t have possibly found her way to her grandmother’s on her own.”

“We’ll find her. I promise.” Glory set the plate on the table and lay a comforting hand on the woman’s shoulder. Cindy just shook her head though, already certain that there was no hope of finding her daughter after so many months. “Dinner should be done in about an hour. I brought you something to eat. If you don’t feel like eating, you could get some rest, take a nap… I’m going to try to take Edgar to his people tonight, and I promise we’ll start looking for Chelsea just as soon as I get back.”

“Edgar?” Cindy murmured in confusion.

“Well, I had to call him something,” Glory explained with a smile, but Cindy just nodded, too exhausted and despondent to get the joke or care that there was one.

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13 Responses to “Tattoo Book 5, part 3.5”

  1. here2read said

    I like taking in strays.. so I vote, Glory gets stuck with Edgar.

    • Fiona said

      What would Robert think of his new brother? lol

      • harmony0stars said

        Well, you’ll find out tomorrow (and Monday)! lol How would you respond to finding a ghoul under the kitchen table? heh

        • here2read said

          I was a weird child, with Creole Aunts that had the ‘second sight’, that being said…
          I flash back to my childhood favorite cartoon character Gossamer and say:
          ‘I would love a pet! I would hug it, love it, and call it George!
          I always loved that line..

          Besides all because something is different doesnt make it bad,scary or wrong.. but I am free loving kind of Girl.

          • harmony0stars said

            Ha! I’ve always loved that cartoon too. You’ll just have to wait till next week to find out what happens with Edgar though! 😛

          • Alderin said

            “I used to have a little friend once… but… he don’t move no more.”

          • Interestingly enough, I have a propensity for naming my figurines and stuffed animals George. That’s George, and George, and over there is George… Warner Brothers broke my brain. 😉

    • harmony0stars said

      Permanent adoption… I haven’t fully decided yet. He is certainly getting attached to Glory, which might not meet with full approval from his elders… the whole don’t play with your food thing. 😉

  2. Alderin said

    I feel thick: Edgar, joke? I missed it.

    Also, paragraph 3, “a year which” should be “a year with”.


    • harmony0stars said

      It’s a reference to Edgar Allen Poe, the famously morbid poet and Gothic tale writer. 🙂

      Thanks for catching the typo!

      • Alderin said

        That explains it. My brain always shrank that reference down to just “Poe”. I’ve never been very good with names.

        • I know what you mean. I can think of a few writers like that… Poe, Lovecraft, Tolkien. I guess it makes them more iconographic. I can only hope someday people refer to me as “McBride.” lol Though… my boss already calls me by my last name. Not sure what that means actually. ::shrug::

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