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Tattoo Book 5, part 3.14

Posted by harmony0stars on March 17, 2010

“Edgar, your ears,” Glory said gently, tapping one of her own. For all intents and purposes, he resembled a little boy in every way, especially once she convinced him to wear clothes. She had the feeling he viewed the whole procedure as a game, intentionally putting the clothes on incorrectly, almost testing her to see if she would lose her temper. While the ghouls she’d met could adopt an attitude of solemnity, humor seemed to be their habit of choice. Whenever Edgar looked her in the eye, he seemed to be sharing some silent joke, and she couldn’t help but smile.

He still had a tendency to let his ears become pointy, contributing to his perpetual impish look. She’d seen plenty of people with ears pointier than his however, and idly wondered if that meant they had ghoul blood. Still Edgar couldn’t keep letting them fluctuate in shape. When he was finally acclimated enough to let out of the house unsupervised, someone was sure to notice. Beyond that, with his olive skin and dark curly hair, his people could have come from Greece or the Middle East. His delicate build made him seem very childlike, and he certainly could have passed for five or six.

Cindy gave a violent start when he made his presence known by brushing against her leg under the table, and she continued to stare even after Glory managed to get him dressed and presentable. The clothes made it difficult for him to continue to crawl about on all fours, but he still attempted to hide under and behind furniture.

“Who’s the kid?” Robert asked when he got home, dropping his backpack on the sofa. Edgar was lying his stomach in the middle of the living room, working on a little puzzle Glory had picked up for him. At the rate he was putting it together, she figured he was either older than he looked or much smarter than a six year old. Either way, she’d need to look for some more complicated puzzles as soon as she could.

“That’s Edgar,” Glory replied, poking her head out of the dining room.

“That’s not…” Robert stopped cold when the little boy looked up and gave him his typical toothy grin. “Um… okay.” He looked uncomfortable but quickly masked it.

“Come and get something to eat,” she called as she turned back into the other room. “We’ll leave as soon as you’re ready.”

Edgar bolted into the kitchen, standing by her side expectantly as he awaiting the afore mentioned food. Robert followed after and stood on the other side of her. He wasn’t obvious about it, but Glory could tell that he was purposefully keeping her between himself and the other boy. With a sigh, she ladled some beef stew into a bowl and handed it to Robert before giving Edgar his own bowl. Edgar gave the large chunks of carrots and potatoes the evil eye before glancing up at her incredulously.

“Don’t give me that look. You have to learn to eat your vegetables too.”

“It’s beef stew,” Robert commented from the kitchen table. “It all pretty much tastes the same anyway.”

Glory smiled at him. At least he was trying. “Use the spoon, Edgar.” She tapped it lightly as he dug his fingers into the bowl where he stood. “And go sit at the table with your brother.”

Robert continued to spoon the stew into his mouth as Edgar dragged his feet to the table. He watched the older boy cautiously, but Robert gave no sign that he was going to jump up or try to take his food away. Perching on the edge of the opposite chair as if he might bolt at any second, Edgar sucked on his gooey fingers as he watched Robert eat. Finally after several seconds, he picked up his own spoon and attempted to feed himself. It wasn’t pretty. He dropped more than he actually got into his mouth, but as he continued to watch the other boy, it was clear that he was no longer quite so afraid of him, nor Robert of him.

Glory filled another bowl with stew as Cindy walked into the room. After talking with her mother, a conversation which had not gone swimmingly if Glory was any judge, the woman had anxiously wandered the house, barely able to sit down before losing interest in the television or her novel or whatever else she happened to find to hold her attention. Finally, she’d retreated to the bathtub and fallen asleep, or so Glory assumed. She looked at the bowl Glory offered distractedly, as if she couldn’t even comprehend its contents, but she sat down at the table with only a tiny sidelong glance at Edgar before automatically spooning the food into her mouth.

“Do you want more?” Glory asked as Robert brought his bowl to the sink.

“Aren’t you eating any?” he asked, looking in the pot.

“I ate some already,” she said, stirring what was left of the stew.

Robert considered, but shook his head. “I’m gonna go pack. Shouldn‘t take me long.” He rinsed his bowl out before setting it in the dishwasher.

When she turned around, Edgar stood expectantly with his bowl out, a big grin on his stew smeared face. Glory heaped the remainder of the stew into his bowl and watched as he went back to the table to continue to do battle with the spoon. It was just another game, and though he might not like the vegetables, he ate them along with the chunks of meat and gravy every time he successfully brought the spoon to his mouth. She was relieved that the boys seemed to be getting along and that Edgar was settling into his new life with a minimum of fuss. Of course… she had no idea if he was potty trained.

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3 Responses to “Tattoo Book 5, part 3.14”

  1. here2read said

    I liked this chapter, simply because Glory does not get “normal” or “family” or “everyday happies” and it was nice to see her character get treated to some simple harmony and joy.

    Now all she needs is a paranormal highly complicated man with a big heart, lots of issues and a sorted past [that makes you feel deliously dirty because you like him] to complete the happy family scene.. hehehe

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