Tattoo: The Books of Glory

a webserial about people who are not like us


Posted by harmony0stars on May 9, 2010

Hey everyone! Let’s try something new. I’ve seen this on a few other webserials and figured I’d give it a shot.

Here’s how it works:

Everyone will work towards a goal of 100 points.

  • Every unique reader who comments* or rates the newest entry earns 2 points towards the goal.
  • Every unique reader who links to Tattoo from any other site,  mentions Tattoo on Twitter or RTs a Twitter c0mment earns 2 points. (If you do link to Tattoo, please let me know in a comment on the most recent entry. If mentioning Tattoo on Twitter, use the hashtag #Tattooserial. There are far too many regular tattoo sites tweeting these days.)
  • Every reader who points out an error in the story (spelling, grammar, continuity, etc) earns 2 points.
  • Every unique review earns 10 points.  (Again let me know if and where you’ve reviewed Tattoo in a comment so I can link to it.)
  • For every 10 USD donated through PayPal, 20 points are added. The other bonuses** accrued through donations will still apply in addition to the accumulation of points.

*Just to clarify, you get 2 points for every post you comment on, but you do not get more points for commenting on an entry more than once.

**A piece of flash fiction set in the same universe is posted at increments of $50. When we hit $250 in donations, there will be a short story based on one of the characters. The lucky person who puts me over $1000 will receive a one of kind clay starstone crafted by myself.  No one has to donate any set amount. The bonuses are incremental, not based on specific donations.

What does 100 points earn?

Glory’s going to start teaching Robert magic, and he’ll be keeping a notebook. Whenever we reach 100 points, a little more of his notebook will be revealed. This will include Glory’s lessons, spells, his speculations, diary entries, etc. After 100 points are reached, an entry will be posted the Sunday immediately after.  Any points in excess of 100 will roll over.


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