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Tattoo Book 6.11

Posted by harmony0stars on May 19, 2010

Despite grounding Robert, Glory was feeling pretty guilty about what had happened. It wasn’t like she didn’t respect him for finally coming clean. It was a relief to know their run in with Jacoby had been completely out of her hands, though it didn‘t absolve her of guilt. She was unwilling to put it all on him. Glory was the one who’d left two children alone where they could get into mischief. She should never have brought them along in the first place, but at the time, she hadn’t known how cooperative Edgar would prove to be. Aside from chasing the cat, he’d been an absolute angel. The few issues that had so far arisen had been corrected almost immediately by a gentle request.

She felt even more guilty for not telling Robert the whole story, especially after he’d brought up her eating habits. He was worried, and she’d blown him off. Truth be told, she wouldn’t have punished Robert at all, but she couldn’t afford to encourage him. If she didn’t discourage him now, and he got hurt later because he was trying to help her… What I need is a nanny… who’s also a body guard… who won’t bat an eye at the occult…but who has no interest in it. Yeah, hopeless. When his punishment was done and she was satisfied with his essay, she’d tell him about Phoenix… and Lori.

It was nearly dinnertime. Edgar hadn’t yet tried pizza, and Glory was still feeling guilty about having to ground Robert. She had a feeling that he was obstinate enough to refuse food, but when he became hungry enough, she was sure he’d relent. At least if she got pizza, it would be as good cold as it was warm. Glory pulled out her phone, but it rang in her hand. She nearly dropped it in surprise.

“Hello?” She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had more than one call in a day, but apparently Professor Scott was persistent.

“Miss Lewin… I hope I’ve caught you at a better time?” His voice fairly oozed charm.

Glory rolled her eyes. “I think the kids can spare me for a minute.”


“I have two boys now.” Not that I’ll ever let you anywhere near Edgar, she thought. It did remind her she’d need to do something about his identification. Her lawyer had been good enough to get Robert transferred to her custody, but Edgar wasn’t even human. She’d need some ID for him before she became his legitimate guardian. She wondered if Officer Hart could help her with that, though she loathed the conversation. In her opinion, he was a good cop. Implying that he’d know where she could get some fake identification would be tantamount to suggesting he knew something about a crime which he had allowed to continue despite the law.

“Ah…” He sounded annoyed. “I was hoping you’d be willing to give us a report on what happened with the draug, and that we might discuss a position with our organization? Perhaps in exchange for classes? I understand you‘ve never attended a college or university.”

Glory was silent a moment. She supposed Gil could have told him, but she didn’t believe it. More likely he’d talked to Jacoby about her before sending his deranged colleague off to take shots at her. Maybe he hadn‘t even intended for her to get hurt. Jacoby had been far from a good shot. Scott could have just meant to scare her back to Miskatonic and a job offer. Only a psycho would use such a method to find new employees, but he didn’t seem to be much of a humanitarian, despite defending humanity from monsters. He was either trying to kill her for being dangerous or attempting to strong arm her into working for him under the assumption that she was paranoid enough seek safety in numbers without worrying about who those numbers might represent.

She didn’t want to offend him though and raise his suspicions. “A report, I can deliver in a few days. I’ve been working on one, just polishing it up. I figured you’d want it at some point. As for… joining your organization… I really can’t promise anything. I might be willing to work on a case by case basis, but I don’t feel I know enough about you and your people to have an informed opinion about what you do. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about your work, but I don’t even know what you call yourselves, and I have two children to take care of now. If anything, that business with the draug drove home how dangerous this work can be. Don‘t get me wrong. I would love to take some classes, and… well I‘ve recently discovered my self-education may not be as broad as I thought. I‘d be interested in examining some of the books in the secure section of your library. But until I find someone I trust to take care of the kids when I‘m not around…”

“I see,” he said, his voice betraying his displeasure before he became suddenly pleasant. “Well, when you deliver your report, we can discuss this further. I certainly wouldn’t mind giving you a tour of campus and the library.”

“Well, thank you professor,” Glory said, making every effort to sound sincere. “I’ll give you a call when I’ve finished the report, and we can set up a meeting.”

She made faces at the phone after he hung up. It wouldn’t hurt to keep her fingers in their pie, if only to keep an eye on Scott and his organization, but she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to keep her disgust at their xenophobia a secret if she associated with them too closely. With a sigh, she opened the phone and called in her pizza order.

Now on top of everything else, she had to write a report for the psychotic SOB. She could knock one off in a night, but that took time away from her other concerns. Well if she could get Scott to let her look at their Necronomicon, going to Arkham could turn out to be a time saver. She wondered if he knew about the theft at the museum, or the others around the world, and if it would profit her anything to bring it to his attention.

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8 Responses to “Tattoo Book 6.11”

  1. here2read said

    The thought of Professor Scott using the deranged Jacoby to get new employees… but I guess that is the true meaning of a ‘head hunter’


    • Scott’s a real piece of work alright. I’m just dying to tell his backstory. I’m either going to have him confess the reason he hates non-humans to Glory in an attempt to get her on his side in this chapter, or I’m going to take a break between chapters to tell it (and incidentally Ehecatl’s story as well, though he has his own version of events).

      Let’s just say… Scott doesn’t handle rejection well.

      • here2read said

        Oh! your like a pusher.. feeding my need.. I love to read, and you write so well. I look forward to the reading all about the Mad Hatter of a Professor..
        Funny how good people can do so much bad, if they can vendicate a personal wound, and not feel bad about it.
        But, how knows maybe he will just be bad, doing bad…

        • We can only hope that Professor Scott has a moment of clarity like Jacoby did. All I can say is that surrounding himself with like-minded people only enables his darker tendencies.

          BTW, sorry it took so long to respond. I was without internet for 6 days. :-/

    • (Don’t worry, I have an edit button heh 😉 )

      Professor Scott is very nearly the definition of a sociopath. I begin to wonder if he has any redeeming qualities at all. Maybe when he was younger…

  2. Vicki Grimes said

    I work with a girl that would be the PERFECT nanny for Glory and the boys!!! LOL

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