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Tattoo Book 6.13

Posted by harmony0stars on May 24, 2010

The house was quiet when she got back. She put the groceries away. The pizza box was missing from the fridge, and her note was scrunched up in the garbage, so at least she knew Robert was up. Early too… there was something to be said for not staying up half the night playing videogames.

She washed the water bowl out and refilled it. Edgar had been pretty good about staying off the counters, and she hoped the cat’s food and water wouldn’t lure him up. Leaving half a can of tuna in the second bowl, she went in search of the cat and found him easily enough. He was stretched out in a puddle of sunlight on the dining room table, and so exhausted from his all night vigil, he didn’t even stir when she looked in on him. Glory left him to his nap and went about her regular morning routine.

Edgar was still passed out in his bed. She dumped his dirty clothes into her own basket and went up to the third floor. Robert scowled at her as she knocked and opened the door. “You know I’m only mad because you could have gotten picked up by anyone, and I might never have seen either of you again.” But it seemed he was back to giving her the silent treatment.

Glory shrugged and gathered his dirty clothes, closing the door behind her. Leaving a load of darks in the washer, she went up and started cleaning the first floor. Edgar was terrified of the vacuum cleaner, so the only chance she had to clean downstairs was in the morning before he got up. She probably could have cleaned at night, but Robert already thought there was something wrong with her. The clothes she did every weekend; everything else she did every day. Considering she didn’t need to eat or really even to bathe, she’d felt it important to get into the habit of cleaning on a regular basis. Otherwise she might lazy her way right out of being human, and she didn’t want to run that risk. Having the boys was good for her on many levels. It gave her something to pay attention to aside from her theories and worries.

She caught a flash of white out of the corner of her eye as she scrubbed the toilet just off the kitchen hall. The cat was watching her again. “That’s right,” she announced in self-mockery, “I’m fabulously wealthy and clean my own toilets. I don’t sleep, and I’ve selflessly thwarted the evil plans of many a foe. Face it. I’m a bigger enigma than any cat.”

The cat snorted, either a sneeze or a cat-laugh, and trotted into the kitchen. Since he was up, she pulled out the vacuum and cleaned the living room and dining room. It was a little after ten, so she put some bacon in the oven to cook while she mopped the floor from the front door to the kitchen.

“Good morning, moppet,” Glory said as Edgar wandered in, rubbing his eyes. He was barely awake, but his nostrils twitched with the smell of bacon. Obviously it had tickled his dreams and drawn him down early. He froze as he caught sight of the cat on the counter though and glanced at Glory. “Leave the cat alone or no bacon for Edgar.”

He mewed with heartrending sorrow and dragged his feet to the kitchen table. She noticed his toenails were getting awfully long. Either they were growing or he was letting his human guise slip. The cat washed a paw and lay down next to its bowls to watch the ghoul. Glory dumped the bucket of water in the toilet and washed her hands before taking the bacon from the oven and setting it on some paper towels to drain and cool. Once again Edgar was baffled by the addition of vegetables, mayo, and bread to his precious bacon. At the last minute, she decided to make him a club sandwich instead and added some lunchmeat. He watched eagerly as she carried the sandwich to the table. It was nearly as big as his head, but she knew from past experience he’d have no problem getting it into his mouth.

Glory set a strip of bacon in front of the cat and used the rest to make a sandwich for Robert. With a parting warning for Edgar to not bother the cat, she set Robert’s lunch on a tray and carried it up. Knocking on his door, this time she waited for him to answer. He took the tray with a sullen nod, nudging the door shut behind him with a foot.

Both the cat and Edgar looked up as she reentered the kitchen. The cat had jumped up onto the kitchen table, and he and Edgar sat almost nose to nose as if in some silent communion. Edgar smiled eagerly as if to call attention to how good he was being, though the cat seemed less pleased. He hoped down from the table with an angry lashing of his tail and retreated back to the dining room.

“Yes,” she assured him. “I guess maybe you do deserve more bacon for being such a good boy.”

While Edgar ate his second helping of unadulterated bacon-y goodness, she pulled out her phone and called Miskatonic, asking the secretary to transfer her to Scott’s extension. He was of course overjoyed to hear from her. “I have that report for you,” she said. “When would be a good time to bring it by?”

“Perhaps today? I wouldn’t be available during the week. Classes you know. And next weekend, I’m afraid I’ll be away on a personal errand. But I could give you a complete tour of the campus if you came now.”

“I… well, let me call you back. I don’t want to drag the kids down with me.” Oh, Robert was going to give her hell, she just knew it.

She knocked on his door and waited for him to respond. After a few seconds, he whipped it open and shoved the tray at her. “Actually Robert, I was wondering if you could watch Edgar for a few hours. I should be back by five or six at the latest.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Why can’t you do it?” he demanded.

“I wouldn’t ask you, Robert, but I have to go to Miskatonic, and I can’t take Edgar back there. You know what they did to him.”

Robert wavered between anger and pity. “Well, if you think I’m responsible enough,” he finally said, getting in one last jab. “I guess I’ll have to leave my room though.”

“That’s fine, Robert,” she replied, suppressing a sigh. “You can play your videogames too while I‘m out. I know Edgar likes watching you.”

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  1. fionag11 said

    Ha ha, Robert wins that round 😉

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