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Tattoo Book 6.20

Posted by harmony0stars on June 9, 2010

“May I ask what it is you hope to gain by continuing your study of the occult?” Blackwood asked as the elevator went back to the first floor.

She looked at him in bewilderment. “Well, I can’t let my sister keep running around with my book and sooner or later we’ll have a confrontation. I’ll be lucky if she’s only relying on my theories at this point. There were some things I didn’t tell the police about what she did to my mother‘s body. I was lucky to make it out of there alive. She’s obviously smarter than I gave her credit for else I’d have found her by now. So I really can’t afford to sit around and wait to stumble over her by accident. I have to keep looking… and learning, so I can stop her.”

“Admirable,” Blackwood announced, “but what has she done since taking your book? It doesn’t seem as though occult crimes have increased.”

Glory frowned. She had no evidence that the museum thefts were Lori, but whoever was behind them was not benevolent by any stretch of the term. Would it really hurt to share the information with people who made a crusade of thwarting such things?. “Actually,” professor Scott cut in in her defense, “Even if her sister was not involved, there was the business with Tacita Ruggles in Graymalkin Park. We only have the police report, but anything Tsathoggua is involved in is bad, and she was of invaluable assistance in dealing with the draug.” Blackwood had to be a member of Scott’s group, but it made sense since, him being in charge of keeping their special books out of the wrong hands.

Blackwood nodded noncommittally, clearly unimpressed.

“Are you aware that there have been several break ins at museums all over the globe?” she asked quietly. That got his attention. They both watched her unblinkingly as she spoke “I couldn’t say my sister is responsible, but there’s no reason to think she couldn’t be either. I’d only recently become aware of it through newspaper articles. I’d been watching the Sybar City Museum of History for over a week when it was also hit. Unfortunately I can’t get any of the museums to answer my questions.”

“Do you have any idea what was taken?” Scott asked eagerly.

She shrugged. “It’s not like I can ask them. None of the other museums would answer my questions when I called them.”

“I read about the break in,” Blackwood said thoughtfully. “There was a witness, and they found the corpse of one of the guards partially burned near an emergency exit.”

The elevator dinged, and they fell silent as the doors opened. The basement could only be accessed by stairs, and Blackwood led the way. The lowest level of the library was musty with the smell of old bound newspaper and ancient periodicals. They walked through another gathering of round tables to a unmarked gray door. It might have been a utility closet if not for the fact that they were heading right for it.

Blackwood removed a heavy keychain from his pocket and unlocked the outer door. All three of them stepped into a short corridor. Scott closed the door behind them. The next door had several deadbolts in place which Blackwood carefully unlocked. It took a few minutes, but eventually he got the second door open. They entered a smallish room ringed with locked cases full of books, scrolls, and even shards of what looked like pottery or tiles. A safe was set into a side wall, and a small table and chair were squeezed into the middle of the room, though to actually sit at the table would be a feat of contortionism even without three people in the room. A thin wire mesh lay just beneath the glass of the cases, so even if someone tried to break them open, the thief wouldn’t be able to get at the books.

“You might want to consider iris recognition equipment or palm scanners,” Glory said looking around at the cases. “And I’m surprised there aren’t any cameras down here.”

Blackwood shook his head. “Some of the books distort energy fields too badly for electronic equipment.”

“Well, if the room were enlarged and the equipment put far enough away from the books,” she offered.

“The Dean would never approve the expenditure,” Scott replied sourly. Apparently their partnership was not quite as rosy as he might wish.

Glory looked around the room thoughtfully. She hadn’t yet looked the books over, but if they were powerful enough to distort energy fields, and Lori had already made a play for them, they were worth protecting…even if she wasn’t sure if she wanted these men for allies yet.

“I’ll see to it,” she replied. Blackwood raised an eyebrow at her and she said, “It’s the least I can do, considering the trouble my family caused you. Find a contractor you can trust to install the measures you think will suffice and let me know how much it will cost. I‘ll have my lawyer cut you a check. He‘ll consider it a charitable donation. It seems like every time I talk to the man he‘s pestering me to give money to people, especially now that I‘ve taken in two boys. Apparently my investments make too much money, and the boys don‘t help my taxes any. I‘m kind of surprised the government doesn‘t take an interest in this stuff though.”

“That was a different era unfortunately, back when we could point at a cult hotspot, and they’d send in the National Guard,” Scott said sadly.

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  1. Fiona said

    typo in second paragraph

    stumbled -> stumble

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