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Tattoo Book 6.28

Posted by harmony0stars on June 28, 2010

Glory sat down with her computer and ran through the events of the day in her mind. Given that Edgar seemed no longer to have any issues with Ann at all, the former professor had agreed to stay for a week. She doubted Ann would opt to leave then, beyond returning home to pick up more of her things. Glory would call her lawyer on Monday to draw up the pertinent papers to make her employment official, which meant she’d also have to call Hart to ask about getting a good fake ID for Edgar tomorrow. It wasn’t a conversation she was looking forward to, but she hoped he’d understand why she couldn’t go through legitimate channels. Considering how the shapeshifters had reacted to the adult ghoul, she hoped he’d have a little more sympathy for a child.

But that was for tomorrow. She sat in the chair next to her bed with her feet propped up on its edge and her computer in her lap. With her feline visitor making himself at home, she was leery of going into her vault. He obviously wanted the stone and her charms were keeping him out. There were a lot of other things she could be doing- looking up any available information on the black seal, Mu, and Zanthu or starting work on some protections for Dr Blackwood. But as she made herself comfortable, it was thoughts of her father that occupied her mind.

There were plenty of genealogical sites online. She’d never bothered to look her father up before because… well, if he didn’t want anything to do with her, why should she bother to find out about him? Obviously Lori knew a bit more about their family history if she was going around looking for books that their grandfather had owned, which meant Glory should bring herself up to speed as well.

Her mother would never talk about their father and would only occasionally mention anyone else in the family. No grandparents had ever presented themselves for birthdays or holidays. There had never been a surprise visit from an aunt or uncle curious about how their sister and her children were getting on. For as long as Glory could remember, there had only ever been their mother, her sister, and herself. She didn’t even know her father’s full name, though that was easy enough to find. Once she signed up with a few genealogical sites, she looked up her mother’s maiden name and eventually found her marriage certificate.

Lawrence Lewin… Well, at least that gave her a starting point. It certainly didn’t give her much else. By the time light began filtering through her windows, she’d pretty much exhausted whatever leads existed online. So far as she could tell, her parents had grown up in the same small town in Pennsylvania, and that was all. She didn’t know if they, and therefore she, had any surviving family there though there were a few Lewins in the directory for the area. She didn’t know where her father went after he left them or even how old she’d been at the time. Not to put too fine an edge on it, but she really wasn’t much better off than when she’d begun.

She leaned her head on the back of her chair, feeling frustrated. Where had Lori gotten her information? It certainly hadn’t been from the internet.

The cat leapt onto the bed. Wrapping its tail around its feet, it sat and stared at her expectantly. “I take it you’re hungry?” He made no sign that he understood her, but jumped back down to the floor when she got up and followed her to the closed door. “If you can get into a closed room, surely you could get whatever you wanted from the fridge,” she said. He ignored her, running ahead to the kitchen when she opened the door.

Ann came down as she was defrosting some sausage in the microwave. “I had the most bizarre dream least night,” she said yawning and scratching her head.

“Oh?” Knowing Ann liked tea, she’d already set some water on to boil and taken out her tea collection. Ann blinked in surprise as a tray of about a dozen teas were set before her along with a steaming mug. Glory had never been a tea drinker herself, but they were a great source for herbs if she needed them for a spell and didn’t have time to order them online. She had always avoided the occult bookstores. Both the proprietors and customers made her uneasy.

Glory sat down at the table and started peeling potatoes for home fries as Ann put a teabag in the water to steep and rubbed her eyes. “I’m usually a pretty lucid dreamer, but I couldn’t do anything in this dream, just watch. I was on a big island or continent, or I was looking down on it from above. I wasn’t really there, just kind of floating above it. There was some kind of ritual taking place beside a huge crack in the earth. It was weird, but you know how it is in dreams. I could see the priests, or whatever they were, really well, but the canyon was just a big misty blur, maybe because of the river and waterfall falling into the hole. At first I thought I was dreaming of Niagara. I was there once when I was a kid. As the priests performed their ritual, I was kind of glad that I couldn‘t see what was really going on because there was something down in that chasm. The earth shook and a lot of the priests were knocked off their feet, and then something came up out of the mist that looked like a massive scaled arm. The priest who looked to be in charge was holding a stone bowl full of some kind of flaming liquid. I would have said it was gasoline, but it burned green and the priest held it in his hands like it wasn‘t hot at all.”

Glory set down her knife. She glanced at the cat. It had jumped up onto the counter and sat next to its water bowl with an almost smug air about itself. Robert came in and went a little pale as Ann continued her story. “I guess something went wrong with their ritual. When he saw the arm, he dropped the bowl, and it shattered into seven pieces of black stone. I thought it was jade in my dream, but I thought jade was green…. Anyway, the liquid inside splashed all over one of the priests, and he screamed and flailed around, even though the fire went out as soon as the bowl broke. He fell over the edge, and I was glad because it looked like he was melting, and I didn‘t want to see that. The other priests panicked and all ran for these ships that looked like stylized birds and flew through the air. Whatever was in that chasm was bashing its arms into the walls like it was stuck and huge cracks spread out from the chasm until eventually the whole continent sank under the ocean.”

“I had that same dream last night!” Robert said, his eyes wide. “Did you see the huge webbed hand with the sucker on its palm?”

Ann shuddered. “I’d forgotten about that.” No one said anything for several seconds. “Did you dream too?” Ann asked looking to Glory.

“No, I never dream any more,” she said grimly. “I don’t sleep, which is probably why the cat stuck this dream in your heads and not mine.”

“The cat?” Robert looked from her to the animal as if he thought she’d lost her mind.

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3 Responses to “Tattoo Book 6.28”

  1. Fiona said

    What? doesn’t everyone blame bad dreams on the cat? 😉

    • Awww, poor kitty. lol I thought the only thing cats were normally blamed for was stealing babies’ breath.

      • here2read said

        thats funny your the first one who heard of that. When my son was small, my mom said: cats stealing babies breath, because of the scent of milk they have…
        Needless to say I thought this sounded like folklore, but the paranoid new mother in me, quickly gave ‘purball’ to my sister, who lived to a ripe old happy age bosing her doberman around.

        Funny how I did believe it, but the new mother in me, was soooo not going to play. looking back, I feel silly.

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