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Tattoo Book 6.29

Posted by harmony0stars on June 30, 2010

With a sigh, she told them about the museum and the role the cat had played in retrieving the stone. “I went to Miskatonic as much to see if I could find out anything about the stone as to play nice with Professor Scott. I’m fairly certain that the stone bowl you dreamed about was the black seal of Iraan, and the stone I now have was one of the seven pieces. Where the other six are, I have no idea, but the cat was in the museum to stop the thief same as me. He may very well be a cat, but I don’t think that’s all he is. You didn‘t see anything else in your dream, did you?”

Both of them shook their heads. They followed her gaze as she turned to stare at the cat which nonchalantly licked one of his paws. He tucked his legs under his body and closed his eyes. Glory shook her head in exasperation.

“On the plus side, if I have the stone, at least whoever was stealing them won’t be able to get it. And without all seven stones, I doubt they’ll be able to do whatever they had planned.” As the others continued to stare at the cat, she said, “Don’t worry too much about him. No one can get into this house unless they’re invited or mean us no harm. Since I didn’t invite him, he’s here to help, even if he‘s not very forthcoming about it. Unfortunately, I don’t know who’s been breaking into the museums, where they are, or what they have planned.”

Ann rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands. “I hoped getting away from Miskatonic meant no more ancient mystical crap and weird cults. Though, that was stupid of me, wasn’t it? Considering I came with you to play nanny to a ghoul.”

“If you don’t want to…”

“No, I do. That’s the problem. I feel bad about what they did to him, and Nigel had his whole tribe slaughtered. It’s good of you to take him in, but I worked for the University. I’m at least partially responsible for what happened to him, even if I didn’t give any of the orders or have any control over how he was treated. At least he‘s not afraid of me.”

“If it’s any consolation, while you’re under my roof, you’ll never be in any direct danger, and when I’m not busy with other things, I work at adding more protections to the house, the garage, the vehicles, even Robert’s clothes and shoes.” She left unsaid why such precautions were necessary. She’d be more forthcoming in a week, maybe…

Robert grinned. “Yeah, and she made this stuff that she calls… what was it? Supernatural pepperspray?”

“I settled on Cryptid Pepperspray,” she replied with a smile. “It worked fairly well on distracting the draug. It remains to be seen if it would work on anything else.”

Edgar was down a few minutes after the sausage began to brown in the pan. His little nose quivered as he sat at the table and stared at the stove expectantly. Whether the cat had imparted its dream to him as well, Glory had no idea, but she suspected Edgar had had some idea of the cat’s mission before the rest of them. Maybe spelling cat had had nothing to do with Ann’s question. Phoenix remained silent on the subject.

Robert frowned at her as she filled three plates with food, crumbled some cooled sausage into the cat’s bowl, and stepped into the next room to call Hart. He picked up almost immediately. Without telling him exactly why, she extracted a promise from him to come to the house for dinner. She didn’t feel right about propositioning him for a false ID over the phone and didn’t want to embarrass him if he wasn’t alone.

Well, one unpleasant task begun, many more to go. With a sigh, she went back into the kitchen. Ann had eaten her eggs and home fries but had apparently saved her sausage for Edgar. She broke one in half and passed it to him. He quickly wolfed it down while staring at the links still on her plate. “Slowly, Edgar,” Ann admonished, not that Glory thought he’d choke. “They’re all for you, but if you eat it slowly, you can enjoy it for longer.”

“He still only uses the silverware half the time,” Glory said with a smile. “I think it’s a small victory that he sits at the table.”

Ann shrugged. “I figured I had to start somewhere. Might as well be table manners.”

“Do you think you’d be okay with him for an hour or so? We’re going to have another guest for dinner, and I need to do some shopping.” She couldn’t help but notice that Robert had set another plate on the table and left half his breakfast for her.

“I… guess so,” Ann replied, looking a little surprised. “If you trust me with him.”

“I do,” she said. “I’m sure if Edgar had any reason to fear you, he would have done something to let us know by now.” Robert was rinsing his dish off, and she turned to him with a smile. “You wanna come with me?”

He looked over at Ann and Edgar speculatively, obviously not sure if he trusted the woman yet despite Edgar’s acceptance. “Sure,” he paused, eyeing the plate he’d left on the table. “I guess we can go, as soon as you eat.”

With a slight shake of her head, Glory ate the potatoes and scrambled eggs, passing the links to Ann for Edgar. Robert clearly wasn’t happy about the links, but he didn’t complain. If Ann noticed the drama occurring under her nose, she didn’t comment on it. Glory cleaned her plate and put it in the dishwasher.

“We shouldn’t be long,” she said. “Edgar, be a good boy for Ann.” He glanced at her and smiled, before returning his attention to the provider of sausage. The cat had once again disappeared. Glory refilled his water bowl and rinsed out his food bowl before following Robert into the other room.

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  1. here2read said

    Phoenix is a little too quiet, it makes me wonder why..

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