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Robert’s Notebook Page 3

Posted by harmony0stars on March 5, 2011

II Law of Attention:
All Worldviews exist as potential, gaining momentum the more energy and belief we put into them. The more one seeks to support a given law, conclusion, or Worldview, the more evidence one will find. Because we create our world, moment by moment (as we can see in the first Law), we are constantly in the process of building our worldview. This is done by means of a recursive internal dialogue of words and symbols with which we constantly edit our perceptions. By focusing our attention to a specific purpose, we rearrange our worldview. In other words, belief is paramount to the function of magic, while doubt in oneself or one’s goal sabotage’s the goal before it can be achieved.

In physics, this is called the Observer Effect, whereby the results of an experiment changes with the observer (look up Schrödinger’s Cat on the internet). By the use of this Law, you can reinforce your Worldview. By seeking to validate your Worldview, you may be creating the evidence you seek, which is both a function and a danger of this Law. Your subconscious provides the symbolism and signs to which your conscious mind responds. A kind of synchronicity occurs between your subconscious and conscious mind which results in coincidental observations. These observations make it seem that what you believe is true or increases your belief that something is true, thereby reinforcing your focus on your personal truth.

This is largely a unconscious function of the mind, but it can be done consciously through the use of syllogisms (the conscious stringing together of symbols which lead your mind in a specific direction). Therein lies the power of the Law of Attention. So long as you can maintain focus on your personal truth, you can begin to bend reality to your will. The longer you are able to maintain this attention or the more energy you put into your desires, the more you are able to convince yourself and the minds around you of your personal truth. The more the universe agrees with your Worldview, through the minds of those you have convinced as well as your own, the longer your truth will last.

By simply desiring a Worldview to be true, your mind begins to discard any illusions between you and its validation. In other words, you see more evidence of its reality because you are no longer disregarding it. The evidence may have existed all along, but until you were ready to accept it, it remained hidden from you. On the other hand, you are also actively creating this evidence as you go as a means of reinforcing the Worldview you are consciously or unconsciously building.

In the long run, this Law is invaluable for strengthening your Worldview. By stringing along events and symbols in a logical fashion, you can prove a Worldview is possible, and in doing so, make changes to your current Worldview easier. What I mean is, if you are attempting to alter your current Worldview to a new one, in other words if you are creating a spell, then use of the second Law facilitates that change.

This law has a two fold function. It deals with divination and the interpretation of omens and portents which are largely unconscious connections to our subconscious desires.  When used consciously, it is a way for us to read the will of the Tao reality as well as our main tool in altering our subjective reality.

Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to put the Law of Worldviews into effect, but the Law of Attention deals more precisely with accessing the subconscious through symbolism. The simplest way to do this is by creating a sigil. A sigil can be produced by collecting any words which apply to the reality you wish to create. Some books will tell you to choose letters from an alphabet that the writer considers in some way magical, but you can use any alphabet. When you are just starting out, it is more important to be familiar with the alphabet. Later you can choose one to which you can attach special significance.

To create a sigil, write a short sentence pertaining to your hoped for goal. Reduce each word to the first letter, and throw out any letters which repeat. Combine the letters, eliminating shared lines until you have a symbol which is a representation of all the letters. Draw this form on a clean sheet of paper, using whatever ink you feel appropriate. This will be your sigil once you empower it. Once you put it to use, watch for the changes you desire in your reality. Acknowledgment of those changes will further validate your worldview.

Your assignment:
1) Tell me how this law could be dangerous.
2) Pick any form of divination which appeals to you. Why does it appeal to you? Give a list of a symbols within the divination system you have chosen and tell me how you would interpret them. (Don’t look up their meaning at all. I‘m not looking for the “correct answer.” I want your interpretation. I will explain why later.)
3) Choose option a or b.
a. Draw, paint, or otherwise illustrate the ideas inherent in something you desire, then watch for an echo of those symbols in your day to day reality.
b. Create a sigil of something you want. Show your steps and the finished product.


Boy you weren’t kidding about this getting harder! And that experiment with the cat is messed up!

1. I think right off the bat that there’s nothing to stop a person from convincing themselves something is true and collecting all this information that makes it seem true, but just fooling themselves into believing it. Like what I said about the first Law – a person who can’t convince anyone but themselves that they’re right could end up being put in an asylum. Or some guy could think his wife was cheating on him and prove he was right with circumstantial evidence like on crime shows, but he’d still be wrong. But if he could change things with belief, he might cause her to cheat on him just by being paranoid and jealous and driving her to it. So he was right, but only because he made himself right?

2. I couldn’t think of any kind of divination I was every really curious about, but then I remember something I read once about cards being used. So in cards, you have the spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts, and the court cards, and then the number cards. I’m not really sure what you want, but I guess if I get it wrong you’ll tell me.

Clubs=fighting or a struggle
The court cards=people
King or queen=man or woman with power
Jack=someone on a mission/adult
Ten=an innocent person/kid

Not sure what the numbered cards would mean aside from even numbers being practical and maybe odd numbers being undecided?


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