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Robert’s Notebook Page 4

Posted by harmony0stars on March 12, 2011

III Law of Synchronicity:
Synchronicity is a term invented by Jung to describe meaningful coincidences that cannot be attributed to cause and effect. Synchronous events are connected by pattern (meaning) rather than time. (This will be expanded upon in Law VIII: the Law of Association) Some interpret this as an ongoing and developing dialogue between the perceiver and the consciousness of the universe. Two or more events happening at the same time (the presence of the observer and the event itself) are likely to have more in common than the merely temporal. This dialogue is overt to the degree the perceiver is receptive to it, that is, how aware they are of the event being significant.

Law of Unity Everything which exists, will exist, or has existed is linked, directly or indirectly, to everything else. All phenomena is connected to every other one, past, present, or future. Any perceived separation between phenomena is based on fragmentary perception or an incomplete understanding of the phenomena.

According to the Law of Synchronicity, and its sub-law, the Law of Unity, no event is exclusive; no event is separate from every other event. All events create and are caused by the ripples of other events. There are always causes which led up to the event you observe, some of them obvious, most of them not so much. Events are connected through a pattern (Tao), whether we can see the whole picture or not. The Law incorporates the idea of cause and effect, but also takes into account outer and inner causes. Events may be interpreted as external or internal phenomena. It depends upon your point of view. Synchronicity (syn=with and chronos=time) was described by Jung as the concurrent appearance of connections between elements, of meaningfully related events, without a unique direct cause. Science does not quite understand these phenomena and the rational mind denies them.

Only when we are in harmony with our (external/unconscious) selves will synchronic events acquire significance. In moments of synchronicity, everything is fluid; favorable people, actions, and objects may appear at exactly the right time and place. Examples: chance meetings which prove advantageous, clairvoyant dreams, accidental telepathy/synchronous thoughts that culminate in action. These are simple synchronic events. Then there are cascade events, a succession of coincidences which may be difficult to follow or explain. Many would consider these extraordinary chances of fate, mere coincidences or miracles, when actually they illustrate the profound resonance between personal reality and the mysterious forces of the nominal universe. It is only our ego that prevents us from being in a state of synchronicity all the time.

The Law of Synchronicity might as well be called the Chaos theory of magical thought. Chaos theory describes complex motion and the dynamics of sensitive systems. Though chaotic systems may be mathematically determined, they are nearly impossible to predict. Behavior in chaotic systems is aperiodic; that is, events occur seemingly at random. No event or series of events is repeated, yet a chaotic system can evolve in a way that appears to be smooth and ordered. “Chaos” refers to whether or not it is possible to make accurate long-term predictions of any system if the initial conditions are known to an infinite degree. Since this is impossible, no prediction can be made which is one hundred percent accurate. Despite this, Chaos theory is about attempting to find the order within chaos in order to make a logical prediction. Just as Synchronicity implies that there is a pattern to observed events which provide clues to the future.

Coincidence is merely an illusion created by the subconscious syncing with the nominal universe. If we properly understood the world(s) we live in, coincidence would cease to exist, replaced by synchronicity. Events would fall into place according to our wishes and needs. Synchronicity is evident when significant unrelated coincidences occur. Suppose you are driving down the road, when suddenly a small animal jumps out and causes you to slow down. A few yards later at an intersection, another car ignores a stop sign and speeds across the road right in front of you. If you had not slowed for the animal, you would have been struck by the other driver. The Law of Synchronicity also applies to so-called wish-magic. Wishing something passionately, we create what we desire (often unconsciously). Albert Einstein insisted intuition, not brilliance, was the key to his scientific discoveries. Nikolai Tesla had visions of his inventions, examining them in mental detail before attempting to create them.

Psychic techniques are also based on synchronicity. Divination is a form of synchronicity, relying on symbolism to formulate an idea of future events. Synchronicity connects the material world to the psychic world by symbols. These symbols are not always understood, though they appear from the collective subconscious. The law of synchronicity and the law of cause and effect complement each other. Understanding these fundamental laws leads to spiritual leaps in evolution. A person who is spiritually elevated will benefit by additional degrees of freedom in how s/he interfaces with reality. The law of synchronicity offers power based on creativity and knowledge. Anything is possible with understanding and the acceptance of the flow of reality which surrounds us at all times.

Your Assignment:
How can divination be not only misleading, but also dangerous?
Use this pack of cards and the system you started in your previous assignment to attempt to foretell the events of your life for the next few days. Every morning when you get up, select three cards. Write down the cards here along with your interpretation of what they mean for the day ahead. At the end of the day, write down how accurate your impressions were. At the end of the week, review the cards you selected for each day to see if a pattern emerged for the week. What expectations were not met?


Misleading, huh? That’s easy. I guess it would be pretty easy to read too much into something odd. And then, even if the event was an omen or whatever, if I misread it and choices different than what I was supposed to, having seen anything at all would be worse than useless. I mean, I suppose people who make a living at foretelling must have some… talent for it? Otherwise they’d constantly be giving out the wrong advice and no one would come to them any more.

…Got off track there, sorry. I guess it’d be dangerous in the same way as it’s misleading. Like something happens and you misread it and think you’re supposed to do one thing, but do the opposite, and you end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, like you said about driving and being delayed by an animal. So what if you got angry and drove extra fast and ended up in the accident any way?

So… I had to change what spades meant because I sure hope no one’s going to die.

So Spades=something ending?
Clubs=fighting or a struggle
The court cards=people
King or queen=man or woman with power
Jack=someone on a mission/adult
Ten=an innocent person/kid
Not sure what the other numbered cards would mean aside from even numbers being practical and maybe odd numbers being undecided?

Monday Jack-hearts, Ace-diamonds, ten clubs (someone’s going to be unlucky in love)
Tuesday Ten-diamonds, Five-hearts, Two-hearts (might be me)
Wednesday Ace-clubs, Eight-diamonds, King-clubs (a fight?)
Thursday Queen-hearts, King-diamonds, Nine-hearts (girl I have a crush on likes me?)
Friday Three-diamonds, Three-hearts, Jack-hearts (I don’t know, but it sounds good?)
Saturday Nine-clubs, Five-spades, Four-clubs (nothing good…)

Monday- There’s this girl I like, so I think the cards are talking about me being unlucky because she has a boyfriend who’d pound me if he knew I liked her.
Tuesday- One of her friends says she likes me!
Wednesday- I was almost in a fight, but one of the teachers broke it up. Vix’ boyfriend, that’s the girl I like, found out she likes me and was going to beat me up. But now they broke up, and he has detention for starting a fight. I was afraid I would too, but she was there and said what happened.
Thursday- Well, I already found out she likes me on Tuesday, but I guess it’s official. She was kind of hinting she’d like to go out, but I kind of got tongue tied and then the bell rang for first class and I didn‘t see her the rest of the day. I feel like such an idiot.
Friday- I got all tongue tied again when she came up to me at the end of the day, but she asked ME out… for Saturday…
Saturday- I am never dating anyone ever again…

So… Thanks for dropping us off at the pizza place, and sorry again that I was so grumpy after we dropped her back off at home. I should have known she didn’t really like me for any other reason that I have money now. All she talked about the whole time was how her exes never bought her any presents and could only afford to buy her a soda at lunch and stuff. I kind of lost count after the fourth boyfriend she mentioned.

I guess my predictions were more or less accurate, but some of them were so general that they were pretty useless. I guess that’s another way divination is misleading and dangerous. If I’d just gone with Monday’s prediction, I might have saved myself a lot of drama, since it turned out it was Me who was unlucky, and maybe Andrew too, Vix’ last boyfriend. Vix’ is really pretty, but I don’t think she cares about much more than things and up until I came to live with you, I didn’t have too many things. Don’t get me wrong, I love living with you and having stuff, but I think you’d be a great foster mom even if you didn’t give me stuff…

So yeah, I don’t think I like divination.

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5 Responses to “Robert’s Notebook Page 4”

  1. Fiona said

    Interesting, he kind of ignored the diamonds in his predictions, but they might have been a hint that the girl was all about money….! Dramatic week for Robert.

    • He doesn’t think of himself as being wealthy. It’s Glory’s money and he doesn’t really know how wealthy she is, just that she can afford to take care of him and Edgar. So the idea that the diamonds meant wealth and therefore might have been talking about him seems to have escaped him.

  2. Fiona said

    Also, I think there was something like this – synchronicity – in “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula LeGuin…a gift the main character has at certain times. He calls it “having my hand on the wheel of time”.

    • These laws aren’t something I came up with, though I expand upon them a great deal. I gathered them from many systems and rearranged them into laws and sub-laws and for flow. There are twenty-seven laws, as I’ve arranged them, thirty-nine if you count the sublaws. I like that they are divisible by three no matter how they’re arranged. It just seems right.

      I’m sure I’m not the first writer to use such laws in the formation of their world’s system of magic. 🙂 I do take them seriously though. I think they’re every bit as valid as the physical laws of science and more valid in the realm of the mind. They just have more to do with thought and the philosophy of Idealism, while science keeps its theories in line with Materialism.

      (I am ashamed to say I have not read The Left Hand of Darkness! I wonder if I can get it on my kindle. :))

      • Fiona said

        You’d love it! It’s absolutely your kind of book 🙂 You’d also find the system of divination described in this novel interesting.

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