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Tattoo Book 7 part 1.15

Posted by harmony0stars on March 25, 2011

“Fine.” The Colonel accepted Steiner’s word without question, though he sounded sullen. “Then I suppose I owe you an apology for getting you involved.” He didn’t apologize. Apparently saying she deserved one was as close he was willing to get. “We’ll have to go to HQ for a debriefing…”

“No,” she said, regarding him coolly.

“No?” he almost shouted. “Now see here…”

“No. I am not one of your agents or soldiers or however you refer to one another.” She glared at the old man as the doctor and Redfield stared at them both like children watching their parents fight. It was enough to tell her that not many people were up to saying no to the good Colonel. “I have obligations to my children, and I am not being drafted into your war. I don’t want to go to your headquarters or even know where it is. You can tell me whatever it is you feel I should know about this Thing so that I can give you an educated guess as to its motivations, but I am not going to sit in a room while you shove file folders of dead children at me. I have my own children to worry about, as you so skillfully pointed out when you barged into my home.”

“What’s to stop me from taking you back to HQ at gun point,” he sputtered, his cheeks going red with rage. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that you know more than you’re letting on.”

“And it is exactly that attitude which makes me unwilling to trust you, no matter how honorable your mission might be,” she sneered at him. “Sure you want to save kids from this Thing, but I‘m not so stupid I can‘t see it‘s personal for you. Until you give me reason, I won’t trust you any more than Professor Scott. He sends mad men to take shots at me in the hope that I’ll join him, while you make veiled threats to my kids and blow up entire buildings on the off chance any survivors might be infected. Well, I don’t like people who threaten or kill innocent people… not Scott with his little underground torture chamber and not you. If you want to kill people who have the misfortunate of being in the wrong place at the wrong time… people who you had a hand in endangering, then you can do it without me.”

He shook with rage, staring at her with bulging eyes. It was several seconds before he could form a coherent thought, let alone speak. “Y-you have no idea what this thing has done. It took my son! My wife… drove off a cliff, and we never recovered the body. I’m still not sure it didn’t take her too. It takes the best of our race and if It doesn’t kill them outright, it turns them into those… things. They’re better off dead, and if my wife and son stood in front of me right now, I’d kill them to save them from that kind of life. Until you lose someone to it, you have no room to judge me.”

“Haven’t I? Pretty much my entire family’s been killed by it, or did you forget? It even came after me in my own home before I sent it packing.” Not that she had really done anything but destroy the film and reinforce her defenses. She had a feeling if It had really wanted to get in her house, It would have. She looked back out the window. “Take me home. In the future, if you’re still interested in my input, you can send Steiner or Redfield to talk to me. I‘m not interested in talking to you again.”

She saw Steiner shoot his boss a questioning look, but the old man shook his head. “Do it. Take her home,” he grunted, staring off into space before patting his coat and fishing out his phone again. He tapped the screen, texting faster than most teens. He might very well be telling someone to carry out the threats he’d made earlier, despite insisting they had not been threats. Well, she’d deal with that when it happened.

After what seemed like a much longer trip back to the city, they stopped in front of her building. She paused as she exited the Hummer. “I’m sure you already have my number or can get it. If I’m near enough, I’ll come heal people like I did Redfield.” She slammed the door behind her before Bitman could respond and stalked to her door. Let him consider that before he made any hasty decisions regarding Robert and Edgar. The car pulled away as she reached her front door.

Glory hoped he thought healing was all she could do. Though after being in her home and examining her protections while she was out of the room, he must have some inkling that she could do more than that. She truly regretted leaving him alone in the room for even the few seconds it took her to get him the water. He could have planted all kinds of spying devices in her dining room, and she wouldn’t have the first clue about seeking them out or getting rid of them.

As she shut the door behind her, she heard happy squeals from the second floor. It was a relief to return to some normalcy. Glory covered her smile as she stepped into the bathroom to find Ann attempting to give Edgar a bath. It was hard because he seemed as happy as an otter in the water and splashed it everywhere. The water was black with mud, and puddles of dirty water covered the floor. Ann looked up with a harried expression as Edgar hooted and tried to climb out of the tub to greet Glory.

“Stay in the tub, Edgar,” she admonished him, stepping around Ann so she could reach down and pat him on the head. He needed no further encouragement and began happily splashing once more. “Go get yourself cleaned up,” she said to Ann with a smirk. “I’ll finish up here.” Ann stood with a sigh of relief, her clothes soggy and her long hair a frazzled mess.

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  1. Fiona said

    Wow, Edgar must have been dirty.

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