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Tattoo Book 7 part 1.16

Posted by harmony0stars on March 28, 2011

Edgar loved the bath, but then, she really hadn’t seen him bothered by much since she’d brought him home. Once he’d decided he was safe, he was pretty fearless. If Bitman or Scott did anything to him or anyone else under her protection, she supposed they‘d all find out how much she took after her other father. She let the water drain from the tub, and he made mournful noises. Judging by his squeals though, being enveloped in a big fuzzy towel was pretty much the next best thing to splashing.

“So what happened?” Glory asked as Ann tentatively stepped back into the room in fresh clothes.

“Oh, he didn’t misbehave,” she said. “I just didn’t see the puddle until after he‘d decided it was the best part of the playground. He wasn’t happy about coming back out, but by then, he’d lost all his playmates.”

At Glory’s astonished expression, Ann flushed. “I didn’t know there’d been working on updating the playground equipment. With all the rain we had over the weekend, it was just this massive mud puddle, and the tarp had blown into the trees. Edgar went right up to the other kids without any problem. They seemed to be getting on okay, so the other women decided that it was a good time to introduce themselves. I just looked away for a second… Then all the mothers were screaming and running. I honestly… well, I’m sure he wouldn’t, but I thought he’d bitten someone. But all the kids had followed him right into the mud while we were talking. I was mortified.” She looked around the bathroom as if seeing the puddles for the first time. “He’s been in there for hours. I’m surprised he hasn’t turned into a prune.”

“Ann, it’s okay,” Glory said, struggling to hold in a laugh as she rubbed Edgar dry. “Kids will play in mud if they can. I remember my mother flipped out when Lori and I did it too. Of course, she dressed us up in frilly, girlie dresses to go to a Church picnic. That was just asking for trouble. You weren’t wearing a frilly, girlie dress, were you, Edgar?” He giggled in response, and she rubbed his hair with the towel. “Come on. Let’s get you dressed before your brother gets home. What do you think about fish and fries for dinner?”

He made a rude noise, which only made her grin. After the day she’d had, his rudimentary communication was a treat to deal with. Between them, Glory and Ann wrestled Edgar into a pair of Oshkosh overalls and a cotton t-shirt, though he fussed over having to wear both the shirt and the overalls.

“There was someone here earlier who I don’t completely trust,” Glory said, describing her visit with the Colonel so Ann would recognize him in the future, “and I made the mistake of leaving him in the dinning room unsupervised for a few seconds. So be careful about your conversations until I have a chance to clean. He could have left hidden microphones or I don’t know what. All I do know about bugs is that they can make them very small now.”

“I thought your spells kept dangerous people out,” Ann said in hushed tones as they walked down the steps.

“He kind of bullied his way in by suggesting he could call social services on Edgar and Robert, which… I’m not really sure how to make a spell to target the threat of bureaucracy.” They had just turned at the bottom of the stairs when the doorbell rang. “Oh, who the heck now?” she grumbled in exasperation.

“We’ll start dinner.” Ann gently steered Edgar to the kitchen as Glory stomped to the door.

Glory whipped open the door and badly startled a bicycle courier with her thunderous expression. “Uh, um… Glory Lewin?” he stammered.

“Yes… sorry. I’ve had a rough day.” She accepted a pen and clipboard, signing next to her name.

“S’ok,” he said, ducking his head as he reached into his bag and retrieved a sealed envelope. “Means it can only get better, right?” He returned to his bike with a shy smile and a backward wave.

She stared at the envelope hard, but it appeared to be just a sealed envelope. Flipping it over, she saw it had been sent by her lawyer. Glory closed the door. Ripping open the envelope as she walked into the kitchen, she blinked at the papers she held in her hand.


“What?” Ann asked, rinsing off the fish in the sink as she searched for bones. Edgar had wedged his head under her arm to see what she was doing.

“The colonel is trying to make nice with me.” Glory scanned the papers. At Ann’s blank expression, Glory smiled. “I have to call my lawyer to make sure this is legit, but it looks like Bitman faxed him a birth certificate for Edgar with a note to pass it on to me as quickly as possible. He probably figured I wouldn’t trust it if it came directly from him. I don’t know what strings he pulled, but he also promises that Robert’s adoption papers should arrive in a day or so.”

“That’s… good?” It sounded more like a question than a statement.

Glory shrugged. She wasn’t sure herself. “He’s still not allowed back in the house. If I’m not home, don’t let his friends in either.”

They left the flounder in the fridge to marinate. Ann took Edgar into the living room to play, while Glory tore the dinning room apart looking for any kind of recording devices Bitman might have left behind. There weren’t a lot of places where even a small device could be hidden. She took down the curtains, deciding it was about time they get washed anyway and left the chandelier for later. It was really the only place aside from the curtains he could have stuck something, though she honestly didn’t think he‘d had the time to jump up on the table and then run over to the window before she returned with his water. Still, considering he hadn’t even touched his drink, she couldn’t rule out the possibility that he’d done something underhanded. The china closet was all of glass and so if there had been a bug, she would have been able to see it immediately. The only thing she could think to do was wash the curtains and chandelier and therefore drown any devices. She paused and looked at the room again with her other eyes, but if there was anything hidden in the lighting fixture, it was lost in the electrical field generated by the wiring.

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2 Responses to “Tattoo Book 7 part 1.16”

  1. here2read said

    looked with her ‘other eyes’ how could would that be.. I was the type of kid that actually sent away for the xray glasses!!!

    • LOL If only Xray glasses worked! I’m not saying I’d go to Vegas… but I’d kind of be tempted!

      It’s more a matter of changing her focus. Like have you ever noticed that after you came inside a dimly lit house after being outside on a very bright day, that everything suddenly went very dark? It’s like that, but since she wasn’t always able to do it, she thinks of her ability to see auras as something separate from her regular eyes, therefore her other eyes.

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