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Tattoo Book 7 part 2.1

Posted by harmony0stars on April 29, 2011

For all its novelty, the trip by plane was uneventful. Glory wasn’t particularly anxious about the flight despite never having been on a plane in her entire life. Boarding was more awkward and obnoxious than actually getting to Scotland, though once Steiner and Redfield flashed their official-type badges, they got the rush job inspection and obligatory claps on the back for working for the government. Glory couldn’t really say that she approved of the deferential treatment. It did allow them to jump past the inspection queue and board at their leisure, but it earned them dirty looks from their fellow passengers and made the inspectors more studious in their jobs as if to impress Steiner and Redfield… which only meant they sat in the plane waiting for the rest of the passengers to board after they were put through their paces by the suddenly overzealous inspectors.

Their conversation on the plane had to be kept to a minimum, even in the relative spacious “privacy” of first class. Seeing as it was an over night trip though, the agents were soon softly snoring away in their luxurious reclining seats, Redfield with as many complimentary pillows as his flirting with the stewardess could get him. Though she received a few odd looks from the stewardesses and other passengers as she typed away on her laptop through the night, no one said boo to her about it. Maybe the free sleep-masks kept most of her fellow passengers from noticing that she didn‘t sleep.

Steiner and Redfield were both oddly subdued as they arrived in Glasgow. There was almost a twenty-four hour layover between flights, and though Glory could have booked ferries to get them to the island, after her last ferry experience, she wasn’t really a fan. They gathered their baggage, which didn’t amount to much, and headed for the street and taxis.

“You seriously couldn’t book a ferry or something to get us to Islay today?” Steiner muttered, wrestling her luggage along with his own, despite the fact that she had told him she could handle it.

“It left just before we arrived,” Glory replied as calmly as she could. He’d started picking at the delay even before they boarded the plane. She wished he’d just get over it. It wasn’t like they were staying in a fly-by-night hotel for transients. He could have any kind of room service he wanted if he would just shut up about the delay. “We won’t be able to get another one until tomorrow.”

Redfield bumped into Steiner as they walked towards the doors. She might have missed this veiled exchanged between them if Redfield had not also given the tiniest jerk of his head behind them. Before she could even begin to turn to look at whoever had the two agents so paranoid, Redfield dropped back to her side. He grabbed her by the elbow, while Steiner hustled their meager baggage to a waiting taxi. The poor driver barely had time to pop the trunk before Steiner had thrown everything inside and slammed it shut again.

“What the hell?” Glory demanded as she was pushed and pulled into the taxi.

“310 Renfrew Street,” Steiner blurted to the driver as he pulled his door shut.

“That’s not….” she began, only to be interrupted by Redfield.

“Shush,” he said in a mild tone.

Oh, she shushed alright. She swallowed back an angry retort, her scowl deepening as she felt the skin of her arm ripple a little. Thank goodness for long sleeves. Redfield chewed on his lip at her expression, and even the cab driver looked a little uncertain as he peered at her in his rearview mirror. Though she heard a muffled shout as they pulled away from the curb, she didn’t look around.

Steiner and Redfield wanted to play spy games, fine.

The cabbie, a middle aged man with straggly gray and red hair, let them out in front a picturesque building. After the way Steiner had thrown their luggage into the trunk, the driver seemed a little hesitant to help, but Steiner poured on the charm, apologizing for his abrupt behavior, citing a bad flight. A large tip helped to cement the driver’s good will and hopefully his silence if he was questioned. He left them with a snaggletooth grin, looking very much like some kind of modern pirate with his wiry hair and struggling beard.

Steiner sighed as the cab pulled away and turned his attention to the building. He rang the bell, then leaned on it waiting for someone to buzz them in. The street was quiet. Aside from a drunk woman who shouted gibberish at them, a bag of empty beer bottles by her side, there were few passersby.  Glory maintained her stony silence as Redfield scanned the area for trouble and Steiner attempted to get the attention of the guest house staff.

The air was stale with old cigarettes when they were finally let in. The man at the desk eyed them curiously before asking for their reservation.

“Jaeger, Mike,” Steiner barked irritably, one bag under his arm and another in his hand. Redfield had a third piece in one hand while towing a massive black trolley with a pull out handle with the other. Glory felt positively useless clutching her laptop case and backpack, but far be it for her to interrupt their misogynistic display of strength and endurance.

“Riiiight,” drawled the clerk, scanning his short list of reservations. He looked over Steiner’s shoulder and leered at Glory. “Sure you don’t want a bigger room, eh? Something with a nice big bed?“

Steiner’s face went purple with rage, but it was Glory’s expression that seem to cow the man. He quickly looked away from her, his skin paling to an unhealthy yellow-gray. “That’s money up front, Mr Jaeger…50£.”

“That’s nearly double your web listing!” Steiner choked out, trying to reign in his temper.

The man shrugged without raising his eyes. “Holiday rates.”

Gritting his teeth, Steiner counted out the money and slapped it onto the desk, snatching the key. He stormed away, muttering under his breath. Glory and Redfield trailed after him and up the rickety stairs.

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5 Responses to “Tattoo Book 7 part 2.1”

  1. Fiona said

    Watch out for snails!

  2. Jacqui said

    Two typos – There were a few passersby, but for the most part the street was quiet aside from a drunk woman who shouted gibberish at them, a bag of empty bear bottles by her side – corrections = 1. passer-by’s and 2. beer bottles.

    • bear bottles… how embarrassing. lol Thank you. I’ll change them to beer before the bears notice. 🙂

    • Checked a couple different places on passersby vs passer-bys, and they say the former is correct because passer is the word that can be pluralized, not by. But thank you again for helping. 🙂

      (I don’t want to get mauled by a bear because I had its bottles.)

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