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Tattoo Book 7 part 2.3

Posted by harmony0stars on May 4, 2011

Glory snickered and the woman looked around Redfield with a sulky expression. “Oh, you have company,” she said, releasing Redfield as if he’d suddenly acquired the plague.

He sighed. “Maria, this is Glory Lewin, and don’t pretend you didn’t see us at the airport.”

“So you did see me there,” Maria said, her voice acquiring a sudden icy tone. “Here I thought you were too busy skipping out with your new girl.”

Glory giggled into her laptop while Redfield face-palmed. “He’s my cousin,” Glory called. “And even if by some bizarre stretch of the imagination I was seeing him romantically, I sure wouldn’t come here to do it.”

Maria tched and shook her head at the room. “So a business trip then. And here I thought you’d come to sweet talk me. Don’t tell me… Mike picked this place.”

“Yeah, you know his talent for finding the most horrible place to stay shy of an underpass.”

“No.” Glory said, shutting her laptop and slipping it into her bag. “I think an underpass would probably be nicer.”

“Shall we go then?” Maria asked sweetly, hooking her arm through Redfield‘s. Glory could foresee her overly dramatic mood changes getting on her nerves but stood anyway.

“Um, Mike went out for food,” Redfield said in a fretful tone. “He probably won’t be back for a little while.”

“Oh, Silly. We already have him waiting in the car outside. Don’t worry about your bags,” she said waving a hand at their luggage. “Someone will come round to collect them for you. Oh, be a dear and hand over your weapons before we go. Rules, you know.”

“She hasn’t got any,” Redfield said, sighing again, “and you already have mine.”

“Well, so I do,” Maria said with a grin, producing his gun before making it disappear… somewhere. “And you say she isn’t armed, I’ll take your word for it. I know you wouldn’t dare lie to me. Just leave your bags, miss.”

“Ah, no… I’ll take them if you don’t mind.” Glory could see tattoos peaking out from the woman’s sleeves as they eyed one another.

“Right… I know how it is, love. Lady needs her bag… I’ll just need to have a look through, if you don’t mind.”  Maria held out her hand.

Glory shrugged and handed the little woman her backpack and laptop bag. Maria scowled at the laptop, but seemed unimpressed by Glory’s collection of markers and string. She’d had to leave her monster repellent and assortment of oils, herbs, and stones at home or risk incurring the wrath of the airport security gods.

“Can’t let you keep this on you,” Maria said, shouldering the laptop bag, “but I understand if you don’t want to leave it in the room.” She handed Glory her backpack, ignoring her scowl.

“Don’t go poking through my files or you might not like the consequences,” Glory said irritably.

Both Maria and Redfield raise their eyebrows at that. “Sweetie, I don’t think you realize who you’re dealing with. If we want to go through your computer, you won‘t even notice we‘ve been there.”

Glory shrugged into her backpack. “Far be it for me to tell you your business, but beyond leaving any evidence of your intrusion behind or physical consequences, my lawyer and his band of merry interns will make you wish you only had to worry about unleashing viruses or installing spyware. I‘m a private American citizen, on vacation with my cousins, Mike and Trevor. I’m quite wealthy and not afraid to throw money at an annoyance.”

“Is she for real?” Maria turned to Redfield with a giggle. He shrugged glumly. With a shake of her parti-colored head, Maria said, “Don’t worry dear. I’ll pass your warning on to the appropriate parties.”

Maria led the way down the stairs. The desk clerk sat talking with an older gentleman and smirked as the trio appeared. Nodding to the clerk, Maria’s partner stepped away from the desk. “No troubles then, Maria?” he asked in a voice as distinguished as his wardrobe. Glory felt practically shabby next to the two of them in her jeans and sweater.

“I told you Trevor wouldn’t kick up a fuss. Mike’s the one with a stubborn streak.” Somehow Redfield didn’t look flattered by her assessment.

“And this one?” the man asked, looking at Glory. His hair was mostly white, but upon closer inspection, he didn’t appear to be as old as his hair and bearing made him seem.

“A cousin,” Maria said, shrugging one shoulder.

“Ah,” he said as if that explained everything. “Shall we then?”

He gestured towards the door with one arm while slipping the other around Glory’s back as if to usher her forward. Some instinct told her that letting the man lay a hand on her would be a very bad idea. She slipped out of his orbit and strode forward as quickly as Maria’s pace allowed, gratified to see his annoyed expression reflected back at her in the glass door.

Steiner was already waiting as Maria had indicated. He looked angry and a little roughed up, but none the worse for wear. Maria’s friend slid into the front seat with the driver, while she crawled into the back with their undeclared prisoners. The car was not that large, meaning Maria had to sit in Redfield’s lap. Glory studiously avoided the same fate with Steiner, holding her backpack in her lap for good measure.

Whatever Maria and Redfield’s relationship, they seemed to have picked up wherever they’d left off. She perched smugly in his lap, while he wrapped his arms around her middle. He looked resigned to his fate, his chin resting lightly on her shoulder.

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  1. Alderin said

    You should put in a Facebook “like” button, I think that this story could get quite viral and upgrade your readership numbers. 🙂

    “Right… I now how it is, love.” – know how


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