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Tattoo Book 7 part 2.9

Posted by harmony0stars on May 18, 2011

“Is my cooking okay?” Maria asked as Trevor carried the breakfast dishes back into the house. It was already midmorning and Glory was beginning to feel inviting Mike and Trevor had been just about the biggest mistake she could have made, especially as it had involved Maria.

“It was fine,” Glory said, dropping back into her chair. She had been about to escape back into the house herself, as Mike had already done with an excuse that he needed a shower, but apparently she had not been fast enough.

“You didn’t eat much, or last night,” Maria said shyly, her perpetually perky expression sliding into a studied pout.

Glory shrugged one shoulder while trying to unclench her jaw. “The food was fine. I have two boys at home; so I know how they eat. I figured there was more for the guys if I didn‘t glut myself.”

“Oh,” she said, “that makes sense… I guess.” It didn’t, considering the spread Maria had prepared, but if she was willing to accept that explanation for the sake of keeping the peace, Glory was more than happy to lie. The silence lengthened. Glory put her hands on the armrests to push herself to her feet, but Maria was not done with her. “It just seems like you don’t like me…”

Whaaa…? It was all Glory could do not to give the woman a comedic double take. She blinked and sat back in her chair. Maria stared at her with doe-like innocence. For a moment Glory was tempted to believe she really had no clue, but no one could be that dense. “Look,” she said trying to reign in her mounting irritation. “I am trying very hard to be civil to you, but you invited yourself along and then proceeded to bully everyone into doing what you wanted with your creepy cheeriness. I had a reason for coming here and that didn’t involve loafing around until mid-morning and waiting on Hobbit breakfasts. I don’t hate you, and I am tolerating you for Trevor’s sake. But you’re not as oblivious as you’re pretending, so cut the bullcrap.”

Maria looked shocked for a moment longer before a grin twitched at the corners of her mouth. She broke down in uncontrollable giggles as Trevor returned for another load of dishes. With a growl, Glory pushed herself to her feet and stormed away from the table.

“Did I miss something?” he asked in confusion.

“Bullcrap!” Maria gasped between giggles as if it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard.

Glory brushed past Trevor, her fists clenched at her sides. She hadn’t meant to imply Maria was a hobbit, it had been more a commentary on the amount of food she’d made than the little woman‘s size, but at the same time… as soon as the word had passed her lips, Glory had expected some kind of tirade. Not laughter. She didn’t bother to worry about the fact that she was insult that Maria wasn’t insulted. Instead, she stalked past Mike as he emerged from the bathroom and slammed the door to her room.

She grabbed her backpack, shoved the laptop inside, and pushed open her window. Let Mike and Trevor entertain the punk pixie. She was going to Kildalton.

When she was far enough away from the house that she was certain no one would see her, Glory stopped and pulled out a map of Islay. It would be a long walk, but seeing as she could run without getting tired, it would take only a few hours to get to the ruins and from there she could find the caves. At least the road more or less went right to the site.

She was a little worried the others would catch up to her in the car, but on the other hand, Maria had been talking about going on a whiskey tour. Liquor was apparently the biggest tourist draw on Islay. Chances were, they’d think she was just sulking in her room and never bother to check on her when she didn’t answer. What kind of adult runs away from “home” over something that hadn’t even been a proper fight?

When she reached the main road, she slung her backpack onto her shoulders and started jogging, slowly upping her pace until she was running. Once she got into a rhythm, it wasn’t half bad, although she wasn’t quite as immune to physical exertion as she’d been when Phoenix had been keeping her senses in check. She could feel the impact of her feet hitting the road and berated herself for not investing in good running shoes after practically walking the shoes right off her feet in the Dreamlands. So many little details like that escaped her when she was focusing on the bigger picture.

She gave Phoenix a poke as she ran, and he stirred irritably in his masterpiece of plastic, wire, and human ingenuity. He was always irritable these days, not that he’d ever been the picture of congeniality when they‘d been sharing a body. What? He demanded, blind and ignorant of anything that had happened since she’d closed the computer at dawn and gone walking around the house, waiting for everyone to wake up.

You really are a child, he announced when she clued him in on her whereabouts and her reason for running to Kildalton instead of using the car. All that energy won’t last forever you know, especially without me to bank it… and yet you just use it for frivolity like this.

What’s that supposed to mean? she demanded but heard a car in the distance and withdrew before he could answer. Unfortunately there was nowhere for her to hide… all around her was moorland and scrub. And there was no doubt that the steadily growing dot was Maria’s black SUV. She stood her ground and waited for them to reach her.

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4 Responses to “Tattoo Book 7 part 2.9”

  1. Addup2 said

    Whisky, not just liquor – aged single malt islay whisky for the connoisseurs! You forgot the hill walking for tourists and the sheep farming as well.

  2. Fiona said

    Foiled again!

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