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Tattoo Book 7 part 2.30

Posted by harmony0stars on July 19, 2011

Glory felt the blood drain from her face. “Dammit!” Why the hell was everyone trying to marry her all of a sudden? It was more than a little creepy. Not to mention misogynistic. “I refuse!”

An annoyed look passed like a shadow over Neirin’s face. A small hand gesture and waves of pain emanated from the necklace. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to make Glory stagger and trip over the corner of the treasure chest. She landed on her butt with a huff of surprise.

Neirin stood over her, smirking. “I modified the necklace somewhat to deal with some of my more troublesome female guests.” He glanced at Maria where she crouched, trying to hide and back at Glory. “Had it not been for your companion, it would have been you transformed into a hound to strengthen my pack. My skill at transformations has greatly increased since we last met. And if it had taken several attempts to turn you, at least I would have enjoyed myself in the interim.” Glory flushed with rage, and he chuckled lightly. “Then I thought to hunt you… ah that would have been glorious, whether as a woman or a deer; I am not sure what I would have found more satisfying. But, I thought better of that as well.”

He leaned down, grabbing her chin and raising her head so he could keep her eyes locked on his own. “I will not make the same mistake as my parents, marrying for territory or to make peace. Land is easily taken by force. Once I break you to my will, you will be a most suitable queen. Powerful, beautiful, and devious. With you by my side, my enemies will fall like autumn leaves. I will take the entirety of the Summer Lands for my own and then you will show me your world, and I will have that as well.”

Neirin released her, moving so quickly she had no time to take advantage of her freedom. He grabbed her by the back of her shirt and dragged her to the pile of furs that Maria had so lately vacated. Pulling a thin tube from his shirt, he inserted it into the tiny keyhole of the shackle and locked the chain around Glory’s ankle in one smooth, practiced motion.  Before she had time to do more than snarl, he was standing to look down at her, hands on his hips and a wide grin splitting his face. She’d like to split his face with her fist right after a satisfying kick to his lower regions.

Quickly he turned away and strode off into the gloom. He was not gone long. “Make yourself presentable,” he said in a voice oozing contempt. “Why you Otherworld women insist upon dressing as men is beyond me, but it is disgraceful.”

Neirin dragged and dropped a chest at her feet. Without another word, he turned on his heel and was gone. Glory waited, but he did not return. The silence did not dispel her thought that he might be standing somewhere in the dark, watching her. He could be standing only a few feet away and still be utterly invisible.

“I want you to know,” Glory said, addressing the dog formerly known as Maria, “That this is all your fault.”

Maria raised her head at the sound of Glory’s voice but lay back down as soon as she stopped speaking. Either she no longer understood, or she was too miserable to care.

Glory reached up to the necklace, feeling for the clasp, and was rewarded with another shock. She muttered a curse, kicking the chest at her feet.  For several minutes, she sat on the furs, glaring at it before she nudged it open with a foot. She scanned the darkness for signs of movement even as she slid forward to examine the contents.

It was filled with an assortment of women’s dresses, an anthropological treasure trove, but all Glory could think of was how many women Neirin must have killed to fill the chest. She hoped that it was instead some merchant’s lost goods, but the utter disarray of the fabric told a different story. Glory shuddered at droplets of what could only be dried blood on the sleeve of one of the dresses and dropped it back onto the mound.

Shoving the chest away with a snarl of disgust, she stood and tugged on the chain but did not even succeed in moving the chest to which it was attached. She strained as far as she could for anything that might help her get free of the chain or the necklace, but Neirin had obviously been very careful of the placement of the chest. Even a few more inches and, she might have at least reached a nasty pile of chewed upon bones. Some of them at least looked thin enough to fit into the key hole.

“Maria,” Glory said, the chain pulled taut as she strained towards the pile. “Can you get me one of those bones? One of the thin ones.”

The dog did even bother to look in Glory’s direction.

“Maria,” she said in a pleading tone. “I can’t get us out of this if you won’t at least try.” The dog snorted, and Glory got angry. “Look, you spoiled little brat, I can try and turn you back into a woman, or there are others who might be able to do it if I can‘t, but you will stay a dog forever if we both stay prisoners here. Now do you want to be a literal bitch for the rest of your miserable life and bear litter after litter of puppies for that sick creep, or do you want to work with me here?”

The dog got to its feet, glaring hatred at Glory. She was a running dog, leggier than she’d been as a human, ironically enough. She looked as though she could bring down deer and already had. The whiteness of her body and head was offset by bold red markings on her legs, ears, and muzzle.

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6 Responses to “Tattoo Book 7 part 2.30”

  1. One of the Twins said

    so my opinion of dear jack has changed… he is at least usefull, the girl on the other hand….. maybe as a living shield??

    • Jack looks like a saint by comparison, eh? lol

      • One of the Twins said

        something like that yes… its like she has this personality of me me me me and even if our survival chances are higher together, it wont do because then i would have to actually do something for someone else than me, and thats not me…
        andt it seems like even darwins making fun of us since she is now pregnant, and glory seems to want to reverse her back to human…. at least make her die in some horribel but fun way and give her a darwin award for it =D
        but congratulations you have now pushed the definition of narcisism to its extreme 😉

        and if your in any doubt me and my twin loves this story =D

        • LOL I’m so glad you and your twin are enjoying the story. 🙂

          Glory’s only thinking of the child(ren).

          As for Maria’s fate…. I can say nothing. 😉

          • Fiona said

            Neirin is a family man. He’s looking forward to taking his kids hunting. And he wants to marry for love – love of power that is.

          • lol You’ve got him pegged. hehe I can almost imagine an announcer voice reading those lines as part of a “preview.”

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