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Tattoo Book 7 part 3.8

Posted by harmony0stars on September 20, 2011

“Hey!” A woman waved from an open doorway up ahead. “In here.”

The building looked abandoned. The woman stood just out of sight in the doorway, holding it open with her leg. But beggars couldn’t be choosers. Glory bolted into the opening, content that the man behind her hadn’t turned the corner yet.

It wasn’t so much the darkness of the interior which brought her to an abrupt stop as it was woman’s blank white mask. The door slammed shut behind her. As she half turned, something heavy hit her in the back of the head. She only just made out another masked figure standing over her before she lost consciousness.


The whispering stopped abruptly as she groaned. Someone approached, shuffling towards her in the dark. She shifted and sighed as she felt the weight on her back. The key and her laptop were still there. Had she not been out long enough for her attackers to mug her?

The Stone though, it wasn’t under her or anywhere around her that she could feel without moving and proving that she was awake. More whispering, and she was dragged to her feet. A hand was placed over her mouth. It smelled. It smelled like dust and mold. She jerked away, and her head throbbed in response. Someone grabbed her roughly, wrapping their arms around her so she couldn‘t even twitch.

A door opened and dim light filtered into the factory. It was very far away, but she felt sure they must be clearly visible to whoever had opened the door. Even the dull gray light from the alley made her eyeballs ache and tear up. She could only see the vague silhouette of what she expected was the man who had been chasing her. The man stood in the door for several minutes. She imagined him straining his eyes to see them, but somehow he didn‘t. With an audible grunt, he stepped back into the alley, leaving the door to swing shut. Her captors remained still for several more minutes before they relaxed and drew away.

The larger one, the one who’d hit her from behind, grabbed her roughly by the arms and shoved her at his companion. She only managed to get out, “What…?” before the woman shook her and shushed her harshly. Her head screamed in response, her eyes tearing up more with the pain, not that anything was visible in the dark building. Not a beam of light pierced the darkness.

The smaller one, the woman, took hold of her arm as her companion released Glory into her custody. He grunted under some heavy burden. Glory could only hope that he had grabbed the stone and was bringing it with them wherever they were going. She blinked, hoping to at least switch her sight to see the auras of the her abductors and the things around them, but her head made it impossible to concentrate.

Obviously her companions could see in the dark though, or maybe they just knew the general layout of the place. They led her down the row of gently rusting machines. Glory was pretty sure she was in some kind of sewing machine factory or a textile mill from what little she’d seen. Beyond that, her only impression of the place came from banging her shins on pieces of the decrepit metal hulks that had fallen into their path.

The woman hissed at her a second time as something collided painfully with her knee. Glory cried out in surprise and pain and received a nasty pinch in response. She was pulled along by the arm and if she slowed, the man shoved her from behind with the stone.

They came to an abrupt stop. A moment later cool air hit her as if a door had been opened, but her surrounding remained shrouded in darkness. She was dragged forward again and stumbled down the first few steps in a long stairwell. The air was warm and cloying. It smelled of trees and ashes, but there was an underlying sickly sweet scent like rotting meat. She hoped that was not what it was.

Whispering again, but even though her captors’ heads were literally inches from her own, she could make out nothing of their conversation. Her eyes slowly adjusted till she could make out what appeared to be trees and rocks and other terrain, but everything was dark and still. Even though she could see next to nothing, she had the impression she was walking through the body cavity of some massive dead thing. Her shoes sunk into the ground and came away with a sticky, squooshing sound. Any sound of their progress was swallowed by their surroundings. Sometimes in the distance it seemed as if she could see people or animals moving, but they never came near.

After several minutes of slogging though the terrain, they stopped again. There was no rhyme or reason for it so far as she could see, not that she could see much. Again a door seemed to open, but this time the air was sweet as it hit her. She inhaled deeply as she was dragged forward into another dark space. This time at least, she was pretty sure they were in a house. The space felt smaller. She smelled dust and old wood, rust and mildew. There was rock under her feet, for which she was grateful. The place they’d just passed through had been too… squishy for her comfort.

A door opened above them. Light spilled down a set of stairs into the cellar where they stood. “Did you find her? Did you bring it?” a voice asked. Glory didn’t recognize it, but her captors dragged her forward into the light.

“Good, good,” said the woman. “Bind her and bring the stone. She’ll want to see it. Time enough for revenge later.”

Glory had no idea who she was or what revenge she could possible want. The woman dragged her to one of the walls where shackles hung. Still dazed from being hit in the head and her confused journey through that other place, she didn’t think to resist until the metal was already wrapped around her wrists.

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