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So obviously Glory’s wealth is wish fulfillment because I am pretty much poor as dirt. I’ve organized what I have by price, low to high, and given as much description of the items as I can. If you want to know more about an item, feel free to ask. As things sell, I’ll cross them off the list. When I add new things, I’ll post them in green print.

Right now, I’ve posted books and a few DVDs. I may add some CDs. I have a stack of comic books which I’m thinking of adding, but I don’t know how well they would sell. There’s probably somewhere between 150 to 200 of them, mostly Marvel. Any one wants the lot, I’ll let it go for $150 (S&H included in price).

Include your name and address when using Paypal so that I may send your books as soon as I receive notice of your request.

LN=Like New NN=Nearly New (like new but with exceptions) U=Used BC=beat to crap RC=Advanced Reader copy/uncorrected proof  HC=Hardcover YA=Young Adult K=Kids NF=nonfiction
Series are noted
All DVDs in good condition

Shipping and handling is $2 for the first item, and 50 cents for each additional book. Well worn books are free for the price of shipping and handling. Feel free to propose a trade if you have something you think I or someone else might like.

Title/condition/author/ISBN/brief description/condition if other than LN

Free to a good home

  • The Borribles (BC) by Michael de Larrabeiti (ISBN 0441071910)
  • Gilgamesh (BC) translated by David Ferry (ISBN-none)
  • Latin for Americans (U) old Macmillan text book from 1956
  • Midnight Mass (U) by F Paul Wilson (ISBN 0765346346)
  • West of Eden & Winter in Eden (U) by Harry Harrison (ISBNs 0553265512 & 0553266284)


  • The Best Free Things in America (LN/NF) by Linda & Bob Kalian (ISBN 0934968128) 10 years old, so some info no longer valid
  • Beyond the Wall of Sleep (DVD) sad to say, some of the worst horror films have come from Lovecraft’s work
  • Conan the Valiant (NN) by Roland Green (ISBN 0812500822) Necromancy, intrigue, and Conan, oh my! Has unfortunate sticker residue on back cover which will not come off! Grrr
  • Free Stuff from the Internet (LN/NF) by Patrick Vincent (ISBN 188357711x) not as useful as it sounds and 15 years old, so slightly out of date, but still some good stuff if you want to look through
  • Free Stuff from the World Wide Web (LN/NF) by Patrick Vincent (ISBN 1883577276) same as above
  • The Grey King (LN/K) by Susan Cooper (ISBN 0689829841) 4th book in the Dark is Rising Sequence
  • The Keep (LN) by F Paul Wilson  (ISBN 0812579259) the 1st of his Adversary cycle & the only one to ever be made into a movie; Nazis and vampires
  • Llewellyn’s 2008 Magical Almanac (LN/NF) by Llewellyn publishing (ISBN 9780738705538) nice if you collect the series and are looking for 2008 lol
  • Omni’s Catalog of the Bizarre (GU/NF) edited by Pamela Weintraub (ISBN 0385192614) remember that pseudo-scientific magazine Omni from the 80s? This is a collection of actual articles they ran, veeeery interesting in an OMG what were they thinking kind of way, very conspiracy theory-ish; cover a bit worn & along edges, pages no longer tight
  • Warlord (NN) by John Shirley (ISBN 1416503439) a Constantine Hellblazer novel; PROMO written in magic marker along top of pages


  • Along the Trail (NN/K/NF) by Elmer M Savilla (ISBN-none) book detailing modern Native American spiritual life for kids;  no damage to book, but pages no longer tight
  • The Four Quarters of the World (NN) by Karen Mercury (ISBN 9781932815443) an adventure novel  of reincarnation, madness, and African kingdoms; edges of cover beginning to wear
  • Hallowmere: In the Serpent’s Coils (NN/RC/YA) by Tiffany Trent (ISBN 9780786942299) dark fairy tale; some dents in cover
  • Happy Horsemanship (NN/K/NF) by Dorothy Henderson Pinch (ISBN 0668036052) excellent book to teach kids to ride; cover getting worn, especially along edges, “scratch” on cover near front top left
  • Horror Stories (LN/K) edited by Susan Price (ISBN 0753456389) horror stories for kids, I remember some of these from my own childhood, some great selections
  • Know Your Psi-Q (NN/NF) by carl Sargent & Hans J Essence (ISBN 0345313054) tests, games, and experiments to test your psychic ability; cover showing slight signs of wear, especially front bottom corner
  • Soulless (NN/RC) by Gail Carriger (ISBN 9780316056632) Victorian supernatural mystery; small crease on top back cover of corner & scuff only edge of back cover
  • Widdershins (NN) by Eve Lestrange (ISBN 9780982330043) 18th century story of witchcraft; front cover creased slightly on bottom corner
  • Zombies (GU) by Walter Great shell (ISBN 0425197441) kind of a take on zombies, but more like 28 days later; faint creases on spine & remainder mark on top pages near spine


  • Art for the Fun of It (NN/K/NF) by Peggy Davidson Jenkins (ISBN 067176151x) art projects for kids; remainder mark on bottom of pages
  • Batman Begins (DVD)
  • Bloodsucking Fiends (NN) by Christopher Moore (ISBN 9781416558491) transition to vampirism with Moore’s typical humorous take; remained mark on top of pages
  • The Book of Renfield (NN) by Tim Lucas (ISBN 0743243544) how Renfield became Dracula’s #1 slave, black remainder mark on bottom pages
  • The Brood (DVD) there’s been talk of remaking this movie
  • Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors (NN/RC/K) series in the vein of Harry Potter, Book 4; slight scratch on spine
  • Curly Girl (LN/NF) by Lorraine Massey (ISBN 9780761123002) excellent book if you have naturally curly hair, seriously! This book changed the way I care for my hair.
  • Donnie Darko (DVD)
  • Escape from the Carnivale (LN/RC/K) by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson (ISBN 0786837896) a story from the world of Peter Pan
  • Love Life of the Ancient Greeks (LN/NF) by Sofia A Souli (ISBN 9605402246) um… don’t look at this book in public, much more graphic than I expected (LOTS of pictures eek)
  • The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (NN) by Christopher Moore (ISBN 0380792745) another of Moore’s bizarre novels; remainder mark on top of pages and a dents in cover
  • The Monster Club (DVD) three horror tales with Vincent Price
  • The Ring (DVD)
  • Thy Kingdom Come (LN) by Don Helen (ISBN 9781933836973) political intrigue and racism
  • Wicked Words (NN/NF) by Hugh Rawson (ISBN 0517590891) a compendium of curses and insulting terms; cover showing signs of wear, especially front bottom corner
  • Zombie Queen of Newbury High (LN/RC/YA) by Amanda Ashby (ISBN 9780142412565) zombies & Prom


  • Clinical Neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple (LN/NF) by Stephen Goldberg (ISBN 0940780461) no, I have never studied medicine, but this might be useful if you are
  • The Feathered Cloak (NN/RC/YA) by Sean Dixon (ISBN 9781552639368) Norse and Christian mythology; slight dents in cover
  • Journey to the Fifth World (NN/NF) by Michele Ama Wehali (ISBN 9781595266569) personal evolution, shamanism and 2012; showing slight wear at bottom corner
  • The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch (LN/RC/K) by Joseph Delaney (ISBN 0060766182) the story of an apprentice witch finder, Book 1
  • Little Fur (LN/RC/K) by Isobelle Carmody (ISBN 0375838546) a fairy adventure
  • Mortal Coils (LN) by Eric Nylund (ISBN 9780765317971) Christian & classical pantheons at war with offspring of both stuck in the middle
  • Reign of the Dead: Apocalypse End (LN) by Len Barnhart (ISBN 0595318436) survivalists and zombies
  • Shinigami (LN/YA) by Django Wexler (ISBN 9781932815719) war for freedome in the afterlife


  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (LN/RC/YA) by Sherman Alexie (ISBN 9780316013680) teenage Native American boy dreams of escaping the Reservation through his art
  • The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl (LN/RC/YA) by Barry Lyga (ISBN 9780618723928) a story of superheroes and growing up
  • Beautiful Creatures (LN/RC/YA) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (ISBN 9780316042673) Southern Gothic
  • Earth Prayers from Around the World (NN/NF) edited by Elizabeth Roberts & Elias Amidon (ISBN 006250746x) collection of sayings, songs, and poems for the Earth; pages no longer tight
  • Evil Genius (LN/RC/YA) by Catherine Jinks (ISBN 9780152059880) scifi full of intrigue & snooty geniuses, Book 1
  • Gardens of the Moon (NN/RC) by Steven Erikson (ISBN 0765310015) high fantasy, Book 1; stamped with 345 in red on bottom & top of pages
  • Hood (LN/RC) by Stephen R Lawhead (ISBN 1595540857) Lawhead excels at turning mythology on its head
  • Infernal (NN/HC) by F Paul Wilson (ISBN 0765312751) from Wilson’s Repairman Jack series; remainder mark on bottom pages and slight wear to the dust jacket
  • Islands of the Blessed (LN/RC/K-YA) by Nancy Farmer (ISBN 9781416907374) Norse fantasy, Book 3
  • The Legend of Holly Claus (NN/RC/K) by Brittney Ryan (ISBN 006585110) the adventure of Santa’s daughter; some scuffs on edge of spine
  • Nocturnes (NN/HC) by John Connolly (ISBN 0340834587) seriously creepy short stories; regrettable sticker residue on front cover
  • The Odyssey Gene (LN & signed) by Kfir Suzette (ISBN 1590804732) science fiction about genetic screening and discrimination
  • The Origami handbook (NN/HC/NF) by Rick Beech (ISBN 08681323205) lots of basic and advanced origami projects and history; dust jacket beginning to show slight signs of wear but otherwise in excellent condition (could easily discard dust jacket and no one would ever know it wasn’t new)
  • Oryx and Crake (LN/HC) by Margaret Atwood (ISBN 0385503857) environmental fantasy
  • Turncoat (LN/RC) by Jim Butcher (ISBN 9780451462565) Dresden File novel
  • The Wednesday Tales: The Palace of Laughter (NN/RC/K) by Jon Berkeley (ISBN 0060755075) children’s fantasy/adventure, Book 1; small green mark on bottom pages


  • The Black Tattoo (LN/RC/YA) by Sam Enthoven (ISBN 1595141146) tattoos that come to life!
  • A Darkness Forged in Fire (LN/RC) by Chris Evans (ISBN 9781416570516) high fantasy and science , Book 1
  • A Dream of Drowned Hollow (LN) by Lee Barwood (ISBN 1554043204) an ecological fantasy
  • The Ethical Brain (LN/HC/NF) by Michael S Gazzaniga (ISBN 1932594019) reflection on why we do the things we do from a neuroscientific perspective
  • Memory & Dream (NN/HC) by Charles de Lint (ISBN 0312855729) I collect de Lint’s work, so I highly recommend any of this books. If I didn’t already have a copy of this book, I wouldn’t be selling it; the dust jacket has some small tears and signs of wear along the edges, the book itself is in excellent condition & the spine still crinkles when you open it
  • RenGen (LN/RC/NF) by Patricia Martin (ISBN 1598691341) recycling real estate and property
  • World War Z (NN/RC) by Max Brooks (ISBN 0307346609) a collection of stories about the end of the world & zombies


  • Druid Animal Oracle (New) by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm (ISBN 9780671503000) open but never used, comes with deck, cloth, and book
  • The Fairies’ Oracle (NEW) by Brian Froud (ISBN 0743201116) open but never used, comes with deck and book
  • Tarot de Paris (NEW) by J Philip Thomas (ISBN 0312304226) never opened, still shrink wrapped. Comes with deck, silk cloth, and book


  • Divine Gambit Trilogy (NN) by Chad Corrie (ISBNs 0977604306, 0977604322, & 9780977604357) high fantasy in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons or Dragon lance (cost is for all 3 books) cover of 2nd book is worn, but 1st and 2nd are mint


  • “8 Films to Die For” 2007 After Dark Horror fest (DVD) collection includes all 8 movies (Unrest, Reincarnation, Gravedancers, The Hamiltons, Wicked Little Things, Dark Ride, & Penny Dreadful) + the 9th movie (The Abandoned) the only one given the honor of a theater release.  All the movies still have their cardboard boxes and they are only slightly worn along the edges. The only movies I didn’t care for was Gravedancers and Unrest, and that was mainly due to the acting. The best, IMO was the Hamiltons, even though it had very little horror. The separate 9th movie was also one of the best and I can see why it was chosen for national release. Not a bad price for all nine movies


8 Responses to “Stuff for Sale”

  1. here2read said

    How do we process our orders? I would like: The Grey King (LN/K) by Susan Cooper (ISBN 0689829841)
    Warlord (NN) by John Shirley (ISBN 1416503439)
    Know Your Psi-Q (NN/NF) by carl Sargent & Hans J Essence (ISBN 0345313054)
    Soulless (NN/RC) by Gail Carriger (ISBN 9780316056632)
    Curly Girl (LN/NF) by Lorraine Massey (ISBN 9780761123002)

  2. John Smith said

    Do you still have the book Shinigami? If so, please let me know. I would like to have it sent to my cousin for her birthday. Thank you very much. If you do have the book, please send me the info for how to send payment to you etc. Thanks, John

    • I’m not sure how soon you’d need it, but if I still have it, it would be in the cellar with my yardsale stuff. Unfortunately, I’ve hurt my back so I can’t go rooting through the bins. If you can wait till next week, my chiropractor expects I’ll be back to heavy lifting by then.

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