Tattoo: The Books of Glory

a webserial about people who are not like us



Glory Alexi / Lori Alexis Lewin Ages: 22

Mother: Danielle Lewin Father: Unknown

Glory Character synopsis: Glory is and has always been the more retiring twin. She is more at home in a library than in crowd of people and shies away from anyone who tries to be too friendly. This is in part because of her home life. Her sister made it difficult to have any friends. If they weren’t already under Lori’s thumb when they buddied up to Glory, Lori was quick to bribe them into playing cruel tricks on her once she’d begun to trust them. Suffice it to say, Glory’s childhood was lonely. Her only friends were books, which thankfully Lori disdained as too boring for words.

Glory has a strong sense of responsibility and propriety. She is inclined to be respectful and considerate of everyone she interacts with because she has so often been mistreated by the people around her. It has made her hyper-aware of the little courtesies that others take for granted. She tries always to be compassionate, even when doing so is not in her best interests. The only way she can measure herself is in opposition to her sister’s actions. So long as she is doing the “right” thing, she can feel good about herself, especially knowing it is not what her sister would do. The fact that Lori has stolen her book and may be doing who knows what with it tears her up inside. No matter what Lori does with the book, Glory will feel that she is ultimately responsible. Whoever dies and whoever suffers, Glory will feel the weight of her sister’s actions on her own shoulders.

Lori Character Synopsis: Despite the fact that Glory and Lori are identical twins, Lori has always been jealous of her sister. Where Glory is studious, Lori is lazy. She prefers to use her “feminine wiles” to get what she wants, or if that doesn’t work, brute force. There’s never been a time when she did not hate her sister, and from an early age, she made it her mission in life to make Glory miserable.

Lori is not stupid; in fact, she is every bit as intelligent as her sister. She’s just a complete narcissist and sociopath. Her methods for getting what she wants are entirely different than Glory’s. Why should she have to work, when she can cow or wheedle someone else into doing things for her. And why should she study when she can just steal someone else’s work? So long as she gets what she wants, it doesn’t matter who suffers. Her pathological hatred of her sister extends to all things Glory holds dear. She wanted Glory’s book as much because it was Glory’s as because of the information it contained. She killed their mother more because she made the occasional attempt at being a referee between the two sisters than because she had any ill feelings towards the woman. Whatever Glory loves, Lori hates or tries to take for herself.

It’s impossible to predict her actions as she’s not the sort to share her mind with anyone. She is cold and vindictive, calculating and cruel. If she ever had an ounce of compassion, she sold it to the devil along with her soul. She takes no responsibility for her actions and surrounds herself with sycophants who are willing to suffer for her. There’s really no way of knowing what she’ll do with Glory’s book… material wealth or something more sinister? She’s smart and cautious enough to put Glory’s theories to “good” use.


Susan (Paige) McIntyre nee Gayle Age: 74

Mother: Hilary Gayle nee Sullivan Father: Tobias (Tobbs) Gayle

Character synopsis: Owner and proprietor of Paige’s Used Book Store, a family owned bookstore in the historical district of Sybar city since 1853. Paige was the original owner, and Mrs McIntyre’s maternal great-great grandmother. Mrs McIntyre married in 1941 but lost her husband to the second world war. There were no children from the union, but she does have several siblings, nieces, and nephews.

Glory always felt Mrs McIntyre was a friend as well as employer. But Mrs McIntyre turned on her before the ashes of her home were even cold, assuming after the many years of emotional abuse at the hands of her family that Glory had snapped and killed them. She has had nothing to do with Glory since firing her the day after the death of her mother and the disappearance of her sister. Her instant reject of Glory may be one of the reason the police continue to consider Glory a suspect in the death of her mother, and possibly her sister. They certainly have no evidence.


Aaron Adonai Age: 124

Mother: deceased Father: deceased Siblings: brother and sister deceased

Character Synopsis: At the turn of 20th century, Aaron was the youngest son of a wealthy family. In the space of three years, his family contracted and died of tuberculosis, leaving him with his mother who seemingly refused to die. Resenting her for her illness and for the squandering of his fortune through charitable donations to the Church, he killed her.

But fear of his own death and what might await him in the afterlife spurred him on to find a way to live forever. It took him just over a decade, but eventually he found his answer. Immortality was not, as it turns out, what he expected it would be.

Detective Marc Dalton Age 52

Character synopsis: Detective Dalton has taken it upon himself to prove Glory guilty of murder, both of her mother and her sister. It’s been suggested that he’s attempting to make himself look good by persecuting Glory, but no one really knows why he dislikes her so much.

Tacita Ruggles Age: unknown

Character synopsis: Purportedly the reincarnation of Klarkash-Ton of Atlantis by her own admission, Tacita Ruggles worships her god Tsathoggua . She sacrifices thirteen children to the evil toad god according to the metatonic cycle in order to maintain her “youth.” Tacita Ruggles is of indeterminate age, perhaps masquerading as her own heir in order to disguise the fact that she does not age. Without her wig however, it becomes clear that she is not quite as young as she pretends to be.

Her servant, a “son of Yig” ie, a serpent-man, name unknown, is perhaps not the willing slave he appears to be. This doesn’t make him Glory’s friend, but he does seem to use her in order to gain his freedom.

Toby Age:  12

Character synopsis: Toby is a shapeshifter, a lycanthrope.  He and many of his people were kidnapped and used in experiments to recreate their abilities in non-shapeshifting humans. After escaping the facility where he was kept with others of his kind, he found Glory who helped him contact his family and free his people.

Richard Age: 32

Character synopsis: A lycanthrope and Toby’s uncle. He and a group of shapeshifters, accompanied by Glory, raid a facility where their kind were kept and used in cruel experiments.

Officer Stuart Hart Age: 29

Character synopsis: Officer Hart is a shapeshifting cougar and an officer with the SCPD in Little Eire. He is the leader of the band that attacks the abandoned warehouse where Toby’s erstwhile captors were based.

Gozala Age: physically she might be as young as nine or as old as thirteen

Character synopsis: Gozala is a chimera, that is a creature with three genetic parents. Her mother was human, but her father was merely the dead host to a fungal life form which inhabits the caverns beneath the pine barrens of Jersey.  She has telepathy limited to her father and Mike, as well as a form of empathy. Unfortunately, unlike her father, her ability gives her awareness of the motivation of others without the fringe benefit of changing their emotions or decisions to suit her needs. Maybe when she’s all grown up…

Mike Enos Age: 20

Character synopsis: During the course of helping his professors take Gozala out of the pine barrens, Mike became infected with the same fungi that is part of Gozala’s biology. It has given him a limited form of telepathy with Gozala and innured him to pain, but like her father’s victims, the fungus infecting his body is slowly destroying him. Though he is desperately seeking a cure, time is running out.

Gilroy “Gil” Roche Age: 20

Character synopsis: Gil is Mike’s boyfriend. They grew up together and decided to attend Miskatonic University mainly to get out from under the scrutiny of their overbearing parents who have no idea of their true relationship. Even the professors who drafte Gil after Mike frees Gozala and escapes from the University with her are unaware of their true relationship.

Professor Stewart Jacoby Age: 42

Character synopsis: Professor Jacoby is not a well man. After discovering his ex-wife carried the “Innsmouth taint,” she left him with their teenage daughter in tow. He has not seen his daughter since, and the idea of racial purity has since begun to weigh heavily on his mind to the point that he may soon need to be committed for his rabid xenophobia.

Gwythyr Age: late 20s?

Character synopsis: Gwythyr is the illegitimate son of Arawn of Annwn and Lady Muireann of Eire. He may or may not have an eensy weensy crush on Glory. He is most definitely hated by both his brother and cousin, though it’s hard to say whether they hate Arawn more.

Neirin Age: late 20s?

Character synopsis: Neirin is the very psychotic son of Arawn and his feisty northern wife.  Up until Glory’s arrival, he’d played both sides against one another and with Aonghas’ help, discarded his rivals by exiling them into Glory’s world. To cover his tracks, he captured and maligned to his father anyone from Glory’s world. Considered enemies, they were turned into deer and hunted as meat for the table. He was quite the little cannibal until Glory revealed his whole sordid little plan to take Annwn for own to his parents… and still his mother was inclined to forgive him. Yeah, she wasn’t too smart in the end. Both he and Aonghas escaped, with the key to Caer Wydr and Glory’s world, and are still at large.

Aonghas Age: late 20s?

Character synopsis: Aonghas is Gwythyr’s cousin and Lady Muireann’s nephew. He conspired with Neirin to whittle away Arawn’s loyal warriors until it was convenient to attack. Of course, he intended to do away with Neirin as well. Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men…

He and Neirin escaped in the confusion as Lady Muireann’s people drove off the Formorians before Aonghas could kill her son. Aonghas may have a thing for Glory, or he may have just been trying to creep her out in light of the fact that she was under Gwythyr’s protection.  Neirin may be nuttier than squirrels in a blender, but Aonghas is far more dangerous. He’s the Jekyll to Neirin’s Hyde, only controlling the other when his ally’s actions run the risk of ruining his plans.

Robert Stross Age: 14

Character synopsis: Robert is an orphan who up until recently had been shuttled from foster home to foster home. This all changed when he tracked Glory down and basically forced her into letting him stay with her by threatening to camp out in the alley behind her home.

He has an unusual twisting scar on his arm from a run in with the ancient toad-god Tsathaggua (Chapter 3). If Glory hadn’t been there to save him and the other children from Tacita Ruggles’ attempt to sacrifice them for another nineteen years of life, he’d have been one less blip on Sybar City’s overtaxed child welfare system. Of course, he saved Glory’s life too, so he’s kind of handy to have around, and his generally sweet disposition makes up for his occasional bouts of teenage obnoxiousness.

Edgar Age: ?

Through no fault of her own, Glory has become the proud foster mother of two boys. First Robert showed up on her doorstep and practically blackmailed her into letting him stay, and then in course of raiding the Miskatonic bestiary, she became the reluctant guardian of the ghoul child, Edgar. She really shouldn’t have fed him fresh meat.

Despite the fact that ghouls are supposedly born with all the languages of their forefathers, Edgar has not spoken since Glory rescued him. He remains shy but curious of his surroundings, allowing only Glory to get close.

Ehecatl Age: Unknown

Character synopsis: Ehecatl is the “no good son of Yig” first seen in Chapter 3 as Tacita Ruggles’ (unwilling?) Sepent-man slave. Whatever his story, he seems to be a being of ambiguous motivation, full of threats, but a little light on following them up with action. Far from slavery being his only beef with the late Ms Ruggles, while he was so employed, his mate, Tanith, and their daughter, Chusi, went missing.  Those Miskatonic Scholars sure do get around!

Professor Nigel Scott Age: 40

Character synopsis: Professor Scott is a very private man and little about him is know, even to his allies. He treats everyone as a subordinate, even his colleagues. It’s hard to ascertain if he wants Glory dead or following his lead. He also seems to have some history with Ehecatl, but since neither one of them is much inclined towards exposition, we’ll just have to wait and see how their mutual hatred pans out.

Hyacinth & Chelsea Jacoby Ages: 39 & 13

Character synopsis: Far from having disappeared off the face of the earth as her husband supposed, Hyacinth simply became fed up with the xenophobic swill Professor Scott was feeding him. When Scott happened to send him out of the country on a little expedition to Australia, Hyacinth packed herself and their daughter up with the intent of going home to her mother.

Perhaps it would only have been a temporary separation, but for the fact that they never reach Innsmouth. Scott had people waiting for their attempt and ran them off the road as soon as they reached a lonely stretch. Chelsea managed to escape and has been missing ever since. Hyacinth spent months in the sub-sub-cellars of Miskatonic university, tolerating the dehumanizing conditions and experiments while waiting for her husband or daughter to arrive.

Father Chester Age: looks to be in his 40s

Character synopsis: After a bit of a shake up in the Church of Dagon and the Reformed Church of Dagon, Father Chester as the only remaining land-bound clergy available to either has become the head of both. He is also seeing Hyacinth Jacoby romantically.


Ann Murdock Age 42

Character synopsis:  Ann Murdock had been a cultural anthropology professor at Miskatonic University for fourteen years. After the death of one of the students under her leadership and the injury of another, she gave very abrupt notice to Professor Scott.  She both fears and loathes Professor Scott and has warned Glory from having anything to do with him.

Glory was so impressed with Ms Murdock that, despite Phoenix’s misgivings,  she offered her a job… Nanny to Edgar and Robert. Is she really anti-Miskatonic or did Scott tempt Glory with a double agent?

Dr Albert Blackwood Age 48

Character synopsis:  Dr Blackwood is the head librarian at Miskatonic University and the the only one with access to the special collections section in the basement. If he doesn’t like you, good luck getting in.  He is very good at keeping his thoughts to himself, though Ann Murdock seems to think he’s trustworthy.  He’s plagued by nightmares whenever he must go into the special collections area.

Dr Blackwood is actually a reference to Algernon Blackwood, a writer of weird tales most notable for the short stories The Willows, The Wendigo, The Man Whom the Trees Loved, the creation of the occult detective John Silence, and many other stories. It can be argued that he had a hand in the development of Ithaqua and Shub-Niggurath both. He is one of my favorite writers and his depictions of the occult happenings within Nature are particularly haunting.


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