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Elder Script

With many thanks to Yog and various other online and paper sources, here is a list of all known words in R’lyehan/Cthuvian/Aklo (Aqlo)/Tsath-yo. The list is written out first in English and then a second list in Elder Script. Any of my notes are in brackets and consist of more literal translations or supposition on the root(s) of the words which may or may not increase the list by a few words.

Some rules and notes

  • Words combine easily with prefixes and suffixes, the change of certain letters, or the partial reduction of words as they are combined.
  • H’s and L’s are sometimes interchangeable, also B’s and G’s, but this may also indicate a slight shift in meaning and/or as they combine with other words.
  • Prefixes and suffixes are attached to words via apostrophe. Other words may be combined via dash. Other words use neither method. May be an example of phonetic spellings or the evolution of the language.
  • Plurals in Cthuvian are usually formed by repeating the final letter

After/only/but ep
age/time yog
and/then ng’
answers eeh
anything/everything/all nilgh’ri
ask/pray for stell’bsna
at/beside ll
belonging to hupadgh
beseech/respond to vugtlagln
black niggur [Shub Niggurath = black female of the fertile place; black earth is often considered ultra-fertile]
body/essence bthnk
brotherhood/society chtenff
burn fm’latgh
call/summon uln
carry/take to ooboshu
chaos azath [Azath+oth= born of Chaos]
child gof’n
children gof’nn
cohesion/integrity ehye
come nog
consider/prepare for fhhui
darkness n’ghft [not light? ghft=light?]
death n’gha [not life? gha =life?]
dream/transmit thoughts lw’nafh [lw=state of consciousness?+ nafl]
enlist in/become one with vra
eternity syha’h
expect/await ilyaa
father gnaiih
fertile ub [shub fertile place? Specific place in realm of life]
followers hrii
force from/aspect of ‘or
generic action- do ah
go bug
grant/answer goka
hate/hatred wfaqa
here/this place geb; nearby [place beside here] l’geb
heretic hlirgh
house (of) wgah’nagl
I/my y’
I ya
invite sll’ha
it/its h’
live/reside wgah’n
lurker [watcher-beside this place] nnn-lagl
lost one/larva grah’n [grah(gha?)+nnn= life to be protected?]
mind/psyche lloig; thought lg
mother ‘fhalma
native of ‘oth  [ath feminine?]
not nafl’ ; na’
notify/contact shtunggli
now hai
occupy/control wgah’n (verb)
on pain of li’hee
only now ep hai
originating from soth [sh+oth= native of specific place] [Yog Sothoth = native of the realm of time or native of intersection of time and place]
over/beyond ph’
pact/agreement s’uhn
people/crowd uh’e
person nw
pit ebumna
place ‘agl
pray to vulgtlagln
prayer vulgtm
priest/summoner hafh’drn [ai/ah + f’ + ron = speaker/worker of their religion?]
promise/bring at a price (for sacrifice) tharanak
question kn’a
realm sh
realm of darkness shogg [ogg=underworld/hell(s)]
realm of dreams shagg [agg=heaven/spirit world(s)]
realm of Earth (fertility) shugg [ugg=material world(s)/fertile worlds; Yuggoth = ancient earth? Origin of the age of life?]
religion/cult ron
rest at home wgn
seat of information phlegeth [realm of the mind, where two minds meet]
secret/hidden r’luh [R’lyeh- secret city?]
secret lore/forbidden knowledge R’luh-eeh
send/offer up/place fhayak
servant of ‘nyth
share/exchange k’yarnak
share space sgn’wahl
sign (contract) / agree to athg
skin/boundary ftaghu
soul/spirit [force/aspect of answers= or + eeh?] orr’e
speak/call/glory to ai
they/their f’
threshold nglui
time of/moment ‘yar
transfer into/imbue with wk’hmr
travel/cross over ch’
tremble throd
understand/know kadishtu [kadath= feminine unknown?]
wait/sleep fhtagn
watch over/walk beside/accompany nnnn-l
watch/protect nnn’ (prefix)
we/our c’ (softens following consonants  ex. Cthulhu)
wish/longing gotha
worthless mnahn’
yet mg (conjunction)


  • (finish spell) uaaah
  • (finish talismanic spell?) ut
  • (emphatic) -og (suffix)
  • (lift spell/dispel) zhro
  • (finish prayer/amen) y’hah

‘agl place
ah generic action- do
ai speak/call/glory to
athg sign (contract)/agree to
azoth chaos [Azathoth= chaos+born]
bthnk body/essence
bug go
c’ we/our (softens following consonants)
ch’ travel/cross over
chtenff brotherhood/society
ebumna pit
eeh answers
ep after/only/but
ep hai only now
ehye cohesion/integrity
f’ they/their
fhalma mother
fhayak send/offer up/place
fhhui consider/prepare for
fhtagn wait/sleep
ftaghu skin/boundary place
fm’latgh burn
geb here/this area
gnaiih father
gof’n child ; gof’nn children
goka grant/answer
gotha wish/longing
grah’n lost one/larva [grah(gha?)+nnn= life to be protected?]
h’ it/its
hafh’drn priest/summoner [ai/ah + f’ + ron = speaker/worker of their religion?]
hai now
hlirgh heretic
hrii followers
hupadgh belonging to
ilyaa expect/await
kadishtu understand/know [kadath= feminine unknown?]
kn’a question
k’yarnak share/exchange
lg thought
li’hee on pain of
ll at/beside
lloig mind/psyche
l’geb nearby [place beside here]
lw’nafh dream/transmit thoughts [lw=state of consciousness? + nafl]
mg yet (conjunction)
mnahn’ worthless
nafl’/na’ not
ng (prefix) and/then (conjunction) (action depends upon previous action)
n’gha death [not life? gha=life]
n’ghft darkness [not light? ghft=light]
nglui threshold
niggur black [Shub Niggurath = black female of the fertile place; black earth is often considered ultra-fertile…]
nilgh’ri anything/everything/all
nnn’ watch/protect
nnn-l watch over/walk beside/accompany
nnn-lagl lurker [watcher beside this place]
nog come
nw person
‘nyth servant of
ooboshu carry/take to
orr’e soul/spirit [or + eeh=force/aspect of answers? ]
‘or force from/aspect of
‘oth native of, born of [ath feminine?]
ph’ over/beyond
phlegeth seat of information [realm of the mind, where two minds meet]
r’luh secret/hidden (R’lyeh= secret city?)
r’luh-eeh [uncoerced] secret lore/forbidden knowledge
ron religion/cult
sgn’wahl share space
sh realm (prefix w/out apostrophe)
shagg realm of dreams [agg=heaven/spirit world(s)]
shogg realm of darkness [ogg=underworld/hell(s)]
shtunggli notify/contact
shugg realm of Earth (fertility?) [ugg=material world(s)/fertile worlds; Yuggoth = ancient earth? Origin of the age of life?]
sll’ha invite
soth originating from [sh+oth= native of place] [Yog Sothoth = native of the realm of time or native of intersection of time and place]
stell’bsna ask for
s’uhn pact/agreement
syha’h eternity
tharanak promise / bring at a price (for sacrifice)
thflthkh’ngha prepare (to) receive (the) life (of your) servant
throd tremble
ub fertilile [shub fertile place? Specific place in realm of life]
uh’e people/crowd
uln call/summon
vra enlist in/become one with
vugtlagln beseech/pray to
vulgtm prayer
wfaqa hate/hatred
wgah’n occupy/reside/control (verb)
wgah’nagl house (of) [occupied+place]
wgn rest at home
wk’hmr transfer into/imbue with
y’ I/my
ya I
‘yar time of/moment
yog age/time

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